Technical Issues


On occasion, students reach out who are experiencing login issues.

Almost always, these issues are local and arise due to cache needing to be cleared on their personal browser.

Before reaching out to us, please follow these steps:

1) Check if you can successfully login within an incognito (private) browser window. The option is available by clicking the 3 dots or lines in the upper right corner of your browser. Pictured below left is Google Chrome.

Private browsers will not carry over your history, so you should be able to log in in this private window, which will confirm the need for the second step.

2) On the browser you have been using, clear your cache by clicking on history– upper right (just below incognito or private tab or window). Pictured below middle.

Then clear browsing data– upper left on your browser. Select CACHED IMAGES & FILES. Pictured below right.

This should clear the problem.


On occasion, a STUDENT will purchase a course and have difficulty accessing it.

*First, be sure you are on, and not All courses are on

1. Be sure you are logged in

2. Be sure you are logged in under the same username or email address that you purchased the course with

3. Click the COURSES in the dashboard. Click on MY COURSES.

4. Course may not be in the order you expect. Scroll to the one you want.

5. Click the blue button for START COURSE, CONTINUE COURSE, or FINISHED COURSE to gain access.

If you cannot open a course, it may be because you have not completed the prerequisite.


Don’t be alarmed if you get error messages such as:

• “Confirm for Re-submission”
• “Security Check Failed. Contact Administration”
• “The Course Cannot Be Taken. Contact Administrator”

Options to get back on track:

• Refresh the page
• Return to the home page
• Log out and log back in
• Clearing your browsing history (cached images & files)


Please note also that occasional site issues arise due to software updates. In these instances, return to the site in a few minutes.


Should you have technical or functional problems as you work through the course:

REVIEW THE INSTRUCTIONS IN YOUR COURSE– You may revisit the COURSE INSTRUCTIONS at any time by clicking on any of them from the curriculum


If you are still having issues, CONTACT the course instructor directly by SENDING A MESSAGE (see MY DASHBOARD). © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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