You have a Strong Gift

Prophetic Dreamer Badge STRONGCongratulations!

You are a PROPHETIC DREAMER and your gift is beyond significant. It is STRONG!

What does this mean?

It wasn’t easy to get a test score this high! The content, types, impressiveness, frequency, and style of your dreams expose the level of your gifting.

1. The assessment shows that your dream-life holds definitive characteristics consistent with those who have this STRONG gift!

2. Additionally, the test shows that you have a STRONG general prophetic gift as well!

You’ve got something really special going on because God is already moving mightily in your life!

What does a STRONG GIFT look like?

As a prophetic dreamer, many of your dreams contain extraordinary and accurate insight about the past, present or future. Your spiritual hearing is keen, and you’re fortunate to be able to travel through life with a good deal divine illumination.

God speaks to all of us in many ways, but your STRONG GIFT means that God reaches out to you through dreams MUCH MUCH more than most! We’re confident that this isn’t news to you; you already know this and may even be aware that your dream life has increased after you began taking note of it and working on making sense of the riddles God sends you in dreams.

You have dreams which are intended to warn, encourage, motivate, inspire, or direct you— but because much of the information is encoded, you may not be making sense of it all.

Where do I go from here?

We know from this test that your spiritual gifting is operational and STRONG, and we hope you’re tapping into this and plugged into to a community where you can thrive and overflow.

We don’t believe you came to this site by accident because there’s more for you. The continued development and strengthening of your gifts could prove priceless as you walk life’s journey with more direction, confidence, and inner peace.

Your dream-life can bring needed clarification as to what’s going on within you, your workplace, and your relationships. This higher perspective can make all the difference. It can shed light on exactly how you can achieve the successes you’re looking for or avoid catastrophe. It can increase your everyday joy as well as your faith. It can provide comfort and help you stand in the tough times.

Here at The Dreamers Institute, we’ve dedicated nearly 20 years of our lives to studying dreams. We’ve seen by experience how dreams play out in real life, and learned from our mistakes.

Here is our recommendation:

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May 14, 2018

4 responses on "You have a Strong Gift"

  1. Can’t afford to buy a lesson.

    Can barely afford to eat

  2. Thank you! It’s time for me to do my part and gain understanding.

  3. Yeah thanks so much. I enjoyed taking the test. I wish more believers paid more attention to their dreams 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for your insight. May God continue to bless you.

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