Professional Dream Interpretation Assistance


Set yourself up for 30 minutes of personal assistance on making sense of your dream (or the prophetic) by adding this to your cart and checking out.

This is not a course, but you will immediately be directed to a Forum where you can post your dream, provide answers about your dream, and receive interpretive comments as a priority from the website founders.

• There is a TWO DREAM LIMIT per Assistance Hour. We will let you know when you need to fund your account again (half-hour increments).

• Post ONE DREAM per TOPIC (150 word length will allow for the dream to most likely be completely resolved within a half-hour).

• Please read full instructions on sidebar, especially with regard to posting and background information.

For further assistance on the same dream, a related dream, or an unrelated dream, re-fund your account as needed by purchasing again.

Coming Soon: A Prophetic Q & A Forum and a Deliverance/Life Coaching Forum


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