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Key 9.1- Comment on the distinction between prophetic ministry and dream interpretation from your perspective.


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    It seems to me that giving prophetic words comes to the minister like a direct gift to the minister, while getting dreams from God is a gift which may or may not require another gift.

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    In my experience with prophetic ministry, the minster just seems to KNOW stuff. I don’t know what goes on within those people and I’m sure it’s different with different ministers. Some may see a picture in their mind and have unexplained instant understanding connected with it. Others may “hear” or see words or whatever.

    From my understanding, they don’t have much time to put together things like one would with dreams which might be more complex.

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    Prophetic Ministry -I honestly love what The Word of God says about prophetic words or <span style=”font-family: Verdana, Arial, Geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 1.5;”>prophecy. Its a discourse emanating from divine  inspiration declaring the purpose of God (It’s a rhema word for a person. A word from The Word that applies to them. It speaks to activate that persons destiny or to encourage , uplift or edify them, and is conditional .  They have to war with that word  for it to come to pass</span> )

    I love how clear you distinguished a prophetic word from dream interpretation.There are different elements. You cant ignore the decoding principals You have to consider components,  aspects to review , and many interpretive principles to employ. You have to know dreams are a parobolic language and have to throw linear thinking out the window.


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    Rev. Frank

    The distinction for me concerning these two is that prophetic ministry is for the edifying and building up of another whereas dream interpretation is for the dreamer to receive him/herself. I don’t believe that God gave prophetic ministry to us to help people shortcut their own venture to discover God’s message in a dream or hear from Him directly in any other way.

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    I appreciate your emphasis on the distinction between prophetic ministry and dream interpretation. I can see how the two are clearly distinct. I’m not terribly prophetic but sometimes the Holy Spirit speaks gives me thoughts, words or images that He wants me to speak to others. It’s like a river flowing inside of me that takes over my natural thought. In all my years of dreaming, I’ve only had one dream where there was a message I was supposed to share with someone else and the Holy Spirit confirmed it.

    The dream: A man and woman in my church had decided to sell their home and business and launch into ministry. I had a dream. In that dream I was being taken on a tour by the holy spirit of this couple’s house. We visited one room. It was dark and all their belongings were inside. The couple was also in this room. The Holy Spirit  then led me to another room. It was a well lit living room, though much smaller, to where they would be moving. Inside the living room was a clothes line with other people’s clothes, two wood columns overlayed with ornate iron and a very large train headlight. The next Sunday I told the wife that I had a dream about them. She said: “Great. I have been praying that the Lord would give you a dream.” The dream was interpreted as encouragement to them.



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    Great to hear about that. I just love that she had prayed God would speak to you through a dream. And the symbolism was cool. I am so glad that you can see how dream interpretation and prophetic ministry are distinct. There can be some overlap, but it’s an area to be extremely cautious about.

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    Hindsight is 20/20 and wish I had listened to keys 8 and 9 before I woke up today. Listening to them and muttering “oops” way too often. See the distinction as things the dreamer needs to be made aware of concerning themselves and sometimes including a plan of action to their own benefit. Prophetic provides insights is for situations concerning others where the one receiving insight will not be the primary beneficiary.

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    Dream interpretation seems to be more about me. What’s going on or what will happen with me. Prophetic ministry is about others. I have both. Most of the times I dream of things that involve me, but sometimes I get dreams where someone is telling me, or I am witnessing something that is for my husband, kids, family members, and even some other people or groups that were close to me. If I get a prophetic word and I feel that the Lord wants me to share it, its like a burning sensation in my heart. I must tell the person. And it works out that I call them or walk over to them and they are available to listen and its confirmation to them. If  I don’t tell the person, like I decide maybe its not for them to know, then I immediately get another dream that’s like the first dream, but more dramatic. This usually makes me run to tell the person so that I don’t get that type of dream again.

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      Rev Lynmarie

      Thanks for sharing what prophetic ministry feels like for those who are not familiar yet! Keep up ministering to people. And as you say, dreams seem to be about the dreamer and the dreamer’s world (activities, situations, relationships, etc.).
      Also, we who are involved in both need to remind ourselves that dream interpretation is more concrete (symbols, etc.) while receiving an impression is handled in a more intuitive way (what you sense). The two may overlap a small amount as SOME discernment may be required after breaking down dream factors.

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    I think the apostle Paul explains the purpose of the ‘gift of prophecy’ beautifully when he says “But he who prophesies speaks edification and exhortation and comfort to men” (1Corinthians 14:2). In the fivefold ministry (Ephesians 4:11-12), the ‘calling of the prophet’ is an office which is different from the gift of prophesy in the sense that it is a calling in itself for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry and for the edifying of the body of Christ. Part of the work of the prophet is to declare God’s will to the people, to guide them for instance concerning God’s will for a specific situation. The work of the prophet also includes foretelling (to know the future) and forthtelling (to cause things to happen by speaking prophetically into a situation in obedience to God’s will for that situation – like Ezekiel in Ezekiel 37:1-10)

    On the other hand, like we have learned, a prophetic dream is a message from God to the dreamer which God puts in front of the dreamer with a Divine perspective of what is going on in a particular situation which affects the dreamer.  It can be a response from God to the dreamers prayers or not. a Prophetic dream could relate to the past, present or future. Prophetic dreams can have many purposes like correcting the dreamer, warning the dreamer, comforting the dreamer, guide, inspire, motivate, increase the dreamers faith in God, convicts of sin, or whatever the message is from God. For me, personally, it is God’s Personal communication that makes messages through dreams so special and different than those that come through other people, although I appreciate that also dearly.

    Also I think that the main distinction comes in the interpretation. Dreams are more like parables with parabolic symbols and elements that needs to be decoded to get the message, while in the prophetic one will be guided more by your prophetic sense.

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    Prophetic ministry is a message from God spoken by a believer who has received  images, thoughts, words and ideas by God to benefit another person when they share the specific insight with them. Dream interpretation is 90% about the dreamer and for the benefit of the dreamer; God is speaking directly to the dreamer. In contrast, in prophetic ministry, God is using a “middle-man” so-to-speak” to speak to a person.

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    Dream interpretation often reveal truths about ourselves and our situations. They are often insight to guide us, where as the prophetic Ministry will more often reveal things to unfold and give usually encouraging words to God’s people.

    How they are received: Dreams are often parabolic and use symbols. Where prophecy is intuitive and can be received as an emotional feeling, a vision within the mind, or a physical feeling or even audible sound.

    I personally have had prophetic dreams. I wish to continue to learn the boundry of when to pray for the individual and when to speak to the person. I do find that mentioning to the person that I had a dream about them can be confirmation to them that God cares about their situation.  Some examples: I dreamt my son put on a purple robe/coat. I mentioned to him that I had a dream that he was covered in royalty. He is a teenager and spoke nothing of it but it is likely that he connected with God on a spiritual level within his heart and I was then confirming it for him.

    Another one was I had a dream that my daughter was cutting the hair of other girls. I mention to her that I had a dream that she might be taking Glory from others. I don’t know what it is they are necessarily doing but I believe I am giving a word that confirms in their heart God’s will.

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    I personally don’t see much difference between prophetic ministry and dream interpretation. I believe dream interpretation is part of prophetic ministry. From the bible and from modern day practical examples, looking at prophetic ministers I’ve observed, it all falls down to 4 steps:

    Step 1: Receiving Revelation (God shows me something)

    Step 2: Interpretation of Revelation (God what does this mean?)

    Step 3: Application of Revelation (How is this useful to me or to the person the message is for?)

    Step 4: Proclamation (How do I say this?). There are times in the bible God shows something and tells the prophet seal it up until the right time (Daniel 12). So there are things God tells us that we should say immediately, others until the right time, and others never to reveal to others, except God gives a go. It takes maturity and discernment.

    So dream interpretation falls under Step 2. Not all revelation needs interpretation. The bible uses the phrases, “I saw” and “I heard”. I think that people who are see and dream usually need more understanding of interpretation than those who hear a voice or get an impression. However, interpretation belongs to God, so God himself is the revealer.

    So in my perspective, there’s no much distinction or differences. Both are the same but just different ways of administering the same gift from the Holy Spirit.

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    Dream interpretation seems to be more structured. It follows certain rules and uses universal and Biblical symbols in a consistent way. It is usually for the dreamer him/herself. Prophetic words are inspired by the Spirit at a certain place and time for the benefit of another person. It is more intuitive or personalized to the person receiving it.

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    Based on my life, prophetic ministry is more direct, clear, immediate word from God based on the senses or an inner knowing. God has spoken to me through His audible voice twice and I have also heard His inner voice on occasions regarding pressing matters of my heart. Those responses from God were very clear, direct and put me at ease. He has also spoken through a “knowing” where the word would just bubble from my lips or from the lips of others. That has not happened often, but when it does the burden is clear to speak. As a prophetic intercessor, I receive revelations as I pray for others during the prayer. It is clear and direct. Dreams however, are not always clear and direct. In fact, like the other students posted, most of my dreams are revelations in my life. I do dream about relatives, friends and others in my life, but it is only a hand full of times that I feel a burden to tell them the dream. Personally, it has only been one person in particular who I had many revelations for via my dreams when I was apart of her ministry. She is an apostle/prophet and each time I dreamt about her and told her, she thanked me for the confirmation and was shocked that I knew those details of her life. When I dream about others, I do not feel the same burden to inform, rather I just pray about it. There was one time earlier this year, I dreamed about my mother and based on the setting of the dream, I thought it wise to tell her. But my mom does not believe in the prophetic and she is still learning about the basics of being a Believer of Jesus so I was hesitant to reveal the dream and what I thought it meant. Of course, when I did, she challenged me and I learned that I should have just took it to God in prayer rather than using my prophetic sense. Lol. Since dreams are largely parabolic, it may take time to interpret based on the complexity of the dream and with guidance from the Holy spirit.

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    Prophetic ministry is more about others while dreams are more about the dreamer.  Also, prophecies are not parabolic while dreams are. God has been encouraging me (through dreams) to learn to hear from him through intuition but I don’t trust my mind. I love dreams because my mind has no input and hence I’m confident that what I heard is from the Lord.

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