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Key 5.6- Make up a similar dream to “THE FREE MONEY WILL STOP” example and interpret it.


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    I will give this a try. Say I am riding on a horse which goes up and down on a merry-go-round when my father whisks me off the carousel to solid ground. In this dream God is telling me that HE WILL DELIVER ME FROM THE CYCLE OF PRODUCTIVITY. In this example it’s like He knows I’ve been working hard having my ups and downs, but getting nowhere. He gives me this dream to encouragement that He has heard my cries and will be faithful to bring me to a new season where things will work out.

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    So I’ll use the ATM machine in my example as well: Let’s say you dream of an ATM machine with your name on it and a rope wrapped around it which loosens and falls to the ground. God is saying YOUR MONEY WHICH HAS BEEN TIED UP WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE.

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    Because of circumstances beyond anyone’s control , our daughter lost everything she had.  In the dream  she was standing in line  and she received  a loaf of bread   and  a case of water. She saw a Red Cross Truck  and the driver gave her a hug and wiped her tears.A short time had passed  and she dreamed a government institution  sent her a letter. In the letter it said,  denied access. gone bust. She went to the grocery store with a food stamp card , and when she swiped the card it lit up and it started flashing with red lights and sirens . The cashier looked at her , and said what are you trying to pull? and she woke up.

    In reality the daughter was going through hard times. Her losing everything is literal.

    The loaf of bread, the case of water  and the Red Cross Truck – represented  the life saving help she received , and the compassion she received.

    The letter she received from the government was saying there was a time limit for the help and assistance.

    The grocery store scene was a wake up call , that the free assistance was soon to be done.

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    How about a real dream? I was in the bathroom taking a shower. Hanging on the shower wall were my intestines, much larger, taking up the whole wall. They were also transparent in that I could see what was inside of the intestine. In the shower, I was flushing out the blockage. Interpretation: The Lord is helping me to digest what He’s teaching me, removing what blocks me from understanding. 🙂

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    Rev Lynmarie

    That is such an awesome example! So simple, yet so full of meaning! Perfect. Love real examples. And sometimes it’s hard to find short examples. Great!

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    Riding a roller coaster in a suit at your college’s homecoming weekend. When you get off the coaster you are taller than your peers.

    -Expect some short-term ups and downs at work. Expect some higher order life lessons during the chaos, and an increase in responsibility/or promotion at the end of the craziness.


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    Dreamt for real (plus symbolic elements in brackets:

    While in a house with other people (a church situation), someone with an unseen face (a demonic spirit) came through a window (demonic vision) and gave us an envelope (message) with poison (evil) inside.

    Interpretation: Someone with a demonic spirit and vision is going to bring an evil message to church to deceive God’s people.


    A “prophet” we were involved with, from another Africa country, turned out to be a counterfeit.


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    Rev Lynmarie

    Good simple example. Interpreted perfectly. It’s wonderful to see that God warned you. wrong doctrine or prophetic lies can truly be poison.

    BTW- our son is still in your country. He says many young people are coming to know the Lord (while I watch his little ones during the days). Praise our Lord.

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    The dreamer is in an apartment with one window and a single ray of light coming through it. She looks down and sees that her shoes are stuck to the floor. She then sees her favorite uncle standing by a closed door across the room. He smiles at her and walks toward her, holding out his right hand. He takes her by the left hand and she finds that her shoes are no longer sticking to the floor and are now red. As she moves across the floor, her steps become less hesitant until she is moving steadily across the floor. The door swings open as she moves toward it. When she reaches it, she sees a dim hallway and hesitates, but her uncle smiles again and squeezes her hand. Encouraged, she steps into the hallway. She wakes up.

    Interpretation: The apartment is a difficult situation in the dreamer’s life that is common to man. She is seeking in scripture for answers but is frustrated and feels like she’s going nowhere towards finding a solution. Jesus makes His presence known to her through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, and as she fixes her eyes on Him, scripture comes alive and she sees that she does have power to move out of her situation. As she starts to move forward, a door of opportunity opens. When she gets closer, she sees that it will entail a time of transition in her life, with unclear results. But she trusts the Lord to not lead her into anything bad for her, so she steps into the opportunity in faith.


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    Well, I recently had a dream that involved a police officer, so I don’t need to make one up. I dreamed a couple nights ago that I was in the back seat of a car sitting next to a police officer, he was more like a detective, a higher level person. He wore his badge around his neck. In the front seats were demons. the car was black. Then someone shot bullets inside the car. The bullets went towards the front seat, in front of my seat. I ducked my head. The Officer, who was wearing a white shirt, didn’t flinch. He got out of the car and assured me he would find and arrest who was responsible. He left and went to go and fight.

    My interpretation is this: We are currently going through a lot of drama with our landlord, and I know its demonic. Her lawyer sent over a offer that would of been really bad for our family. We rejected it and opted to start filing papers for court. I think that the Detective in my dream is our lawyer. The person who shot the bullets, and the demons in the front seat have to do with the landlord and what she’s trying to do.

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    Rev Lynmarie

    I think you interpretation is right on. I’m really glad you shared this one and your take on it, because I think it’s a helpful example for others on the forum. Love that it was so clear, a good starting point for those practicing interpretation. There are a number of symbolic elements that paste this together- white shirt, bullets missing you, front and back seat, etc. Better yet, the dream is reassuring in your situation!

    I had a bullet dream last month myself. One whizzed by my left ear… extremely close but missed. Sure enough, someone tried an attack but there were no consequences. Isn’t our God good!


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    I had a dream in which I saw more than 5 cannons pointing at me but none of them was shooting  at me. I couldn’t see who was behind them.

    I already knew there were people in my life that were trying to bring me down through their evil ways but then God gave me a revelation about one more person who was employing witchcraft to create misunderstandings in my immediate family in that current situation. It was like an eye opener when I put the dream in line with what was really happening in my life I found that they were doing this for their own gain. At the start  I couldn’t believe it because I trusted this person a lot but it all played out to be true – meaning it was confirmed that this person was involved in such things. Amazing!!!!

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      Rev Lynmarie

      A good example of a short and to the point prophetic and parabolic dream. And thanks for your testimony as to how it played out in life. We can count on God to help us out with warnings if we keep our ears and eyes open!

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    Real dream: I was wondering through a strip mall. The ATM in the center of parking lot was broken. I needed to get money out and didn’t think I needed help. Two different store workers (worker A & worker B), came out to help me. Worker B said she’d normally give the money directly from her register but she’d only do that for young girls–I was too old. I understood. Another store worker/owner, man, also owned the ATM and was screaming he needed to make sure he got the tithes & offerings from the broken ATM; owner made it known he owned ATM all over different states. Worker A said she was working on it. Worker B got the money out of the ATM for me an I went on my way.


    Strip Mall– a place to spend (waste/strip money)

    Broken ATM (temporarily)– not receiving money (temporarily)

    Parking Lot — stagnant, parked too long; not moving toward destination

    Two workers helped — Two women working in their different calls graciously help me get what I need to get moving although I don’t think I need their help

    Owner of ATM wants tithe an offering from this machine — God wants his rightful first fruit from me too (esp. since I happen to be walking/browsing in a strip mall)

    –I’m not completely sure, just trying to apply what I think–


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    I really dreamt that my parents were grocery shopping.  My mother gave up her motorized cart to my father since he was struggling walking.  Then she was floating along side him with fairy wings.

    God was showing me something that was going to happen regarding their roles. I  did not think to call my parents to check in on them, but came to find out my dad was having trouble breathing and was admitted to the hospital for pneumonia. My mother since then has been the care giver and their roles have changed. My father doesn’t drive anymore and she cares for all his needs. (They are 83yrs old) The cart is symbolic of riding along and my mother does everything from setting out clothes and medicine to running the house hold and finances.

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    Had a dream 2 women where sneakily going into a basement where I had several things stored with flashlights searching to something.

    In real life the next day 1 of the women approached me trying to get me to confide In her about very personal matters regarding my husband. I knew the dream was warning me that they were looking for past information they could use against my husband and I easily got out of the situation because of Gods warning.


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    Had a dream that a police officer stopped me, brought me out of the car and said, “You can’t continue, you have to turn back or else I will shoot you.” I was like, “I haven’t done anything wrong.” So I was on my knees, bent down and was ready to die because I felt no guilt. As he shot, just breeze came out of the gun. Then I got up and he said, “You are innocent, and that’s why the bullets didn’t come out”. Then I was allowed to go into my car and continue my journey. This dream happened like two years ago, so I can’t remember all the situations around my life.

    I think the interpretation is clear: An authority figure checking my authenticity.

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    This is a made up dream.  I have been out of work for sometime but I receive a cheque  in the mail every end of the month.  I go to the bank to cash and I find the usual teller who’s been cashing it but this time he directs me to another bank.

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    I’ve got to say – I’ve found this is the hardest forum question so far. I feel like such a beginner at this, but I’ll give it a go. (I’ve borrowed from the parable of the persistent widow)

    We were in a courtroom, sitting around a campfire. The judge was in his pyjamas and sleeping bag. The fire went out and we were so cold, we rolled up our sleeping bags and the judge drove me home.

    The interpretation is that God has heard my prayer for deliverance. The judge was the lazy judge who wouldn’t come to a decision. However, he was so uncomfortable he decided in my favour. Even an unjust judge will grant favour if it’s convenient for him – how much more will God our Father fight on our behalf.







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