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Key 4.1- Share which thought process dominates your thinking (linear or non-linear) and how and when the other enters in.


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    I guess I think more linear in general, using my noggin to logically put things together. It’s safe. It makes sense. Looking at things from the opposite perspective, outside the box, is difficult even though I would say I am a creative person. I think my creativity comes straight from God. Sometimes I sit down and TRY to be creative, and I sense it’s just me trying. I can see that understanding dreams sometimes requires backing up a bit and looking at them with a more open mind. I’m anxious to learn more about how to do this.

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    I am analytical to the max. Given a personality test, it stands out. Always practical. Always thinking things through. Slow to decide. Perfectionist. I think this should actually help when it comes to dream interpretation, but we’ll see what the course speaks to on that as I go on. But, I get the point here. It’s like a different language than what we’re used to. Might take some practice, examples.

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    I think that as I age that I’m becoming a non linear thinker and its driving me crazy because I like order and patterns that make sense. Maybe its a blessing in disguise.


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    I loved this. Well, I,m a hairdresser/barber .I’m totally out the box  creative. I love art and music , and non linear dominates my thinking. The other enters in of course in the practical things of everyday living. Running a house and business and family. Turn on music and my ear tunes to it , and I get lost in worship. If I focus on a a beautiful photo of water and a boat , I’m there. I am one of those people who looks at clouds and sees  al kinds of artistic things. Yup! Pretty much a right brainer.

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    Rev. Frank

    I suppose that I am a non-linear thinker especially when it comes to dreams and the prophetic. I have learned that God has a sense of humor and often times uses sayings, phrases, patterns, and euphemisms that speak to me. He wants me to “get it”. I still get tempted sometimes to start thinking “linear” when I want to speed up the process, you know, take it into my own hands, which usually gets me into trouble.

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    Definitely a right brain, non-linear feeler/thinker (constantly asking why/why not). INFP. However, noticed that when I sense some sort of emotional distress my thinking side kicks into high gear as a defense mechanism. Or, since I am a guy and supposed to be more left brained sometimes will put on the thinker hat to fit into certain groups.

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    Rev Lynmarie

    Guess i will weigh in on this and admit I lean toward the liner. My dad was an inventor and engineer modeling analyzing everything. These things were learn as children can become life-long struggles.

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    I think I am both linear and non-linear depending on what I am doing. When I organize a conference for instance, I think my brain works very logically in a predictable, step-by-step process, but when I write a poem, I definitely think outside the box.

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    I’m normally a linear thinker but because of my faith and struggle I lean towards non-linear thinking. In my life there has been a lot of tall walls I’ve had to figure out how to get over, under or through. Thinking linear did not help me in those situations. I had to think more creatively to get past the norm. I would say that God consistently and purposely places those walls there so that I would have to seek him and rely on him and trust Him to reveal to me a path I could take, that may be unconventional, in order to achieve a goal. Story of my life.

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    I’m definitely mostly a non-linear thinker. I’ll approach something from several angles at the same time in my mind and will tend to base my starting point for action on something other than what most people would consider logic. This is what works best for me, and I get frustrated when someone else tries to force me into another mold. <span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>This way of thinking used to drive my dad crazy when I was growing up, as he was an electrical engineer and thought that linear thinking was the only valid way to think. I do use to-do lists, though, and I do think linearly when it’s obvious that I have to, like a step-by-step plan for running errands in a certain order or putting something together by following instructions, but it’s not the most natural approach for me. I am artistic, so I guess I’m mostly right-brained. When it comes to dreams, I definitely see multiple starting points.</span>

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    Lynmarie, after I wrote my post I went back and read the other posts in this forum, and saw that your dad was an inventor/engineer too. 🙂 Mine was also an inventor, had a little research and development company. The interesting thing is that he definitely had to think outside the box and in a creative way, too, but he always claimed that he thought “like an engineer” and thought that meant “logically.” He felt emotion was dangerous, but my view was that the mind unempowered by the Spirit is no more reliable than emotions unempowered by the Spirit, and that BOTH have a legitimate place in decision-making when they are empowered by the Spirit.

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      Rev Lynmarie

      WOW- you are describing my dad and his profound affect on me!! I admired him so much; he was my hero. You and I must have been impacted quite similarly! By nature I am creative and right-brained, but my dad’s impact has me analyzing everything!

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    I have always thought of myself as a right brainer, creative type. However, the more I think about it I am seeing myself in a different light. I have several non-linear thinking traits but I’m seeing that I’m more in the box than I thought I was.

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    I’m an abstract thinker but sequential. So, both? I am a creative person, but I tend to work on things in an orderly fashion. And I’m like Frank in that when I get under stress, I tend to go more linear. When I am relaxed and happy, definitely more non-linear.

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    I am more linear when problem-solving a task or project, but usually filter things emotionally rather than logically when it comes to inter-personal issues and relationships.

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    I would say that I tend to be more of a linear thinker. I always like a step by step process and something that is easy to understand. The only time that I am a non-linear thinker would be when I am doing something creative. I tend to think outside the box in those situations.

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    I’d have to say I’m both. When I’m working on projects I love to jump from idea to idea, stop, start something new, then go back to the previous project, but when I’m leading something new or teaching I tend to be more linear. I homeschooled my son and I often combine linear and non linear methods

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    Naturally, I am non-linear as I have a passionate love for the arts, and receive my answers to solutions from grasping it in a vision or a knowing from the Holy Spirit.  I feel most authentic when I operate in this fashion.  However, there is a side of me as a legal advocate, that had to learn how to think logically and analytically.  During my years in LS and exams, I boxed myself in quite a bit and developed stress as a result.  I had to learn how to allow my non-linear thoughts to flow naturally after I left the legal firm.  I do believe a balance in both streams of thought are necessary.

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    I’m a non-linear thinker. I analyze everything. I’m also creative, imaginative, out side of the box thinker, and a slight perfectionist. I look at the world in a way people think is weird. I see messages in things that others just see as is. I feel and see others problems even though they don’t speak it. I like being outside of the box my friends constantly comes to me for advice. They say, “I helped them to see things in ways there mind couldn’t even perceive.” It’s a blessing and sometimes it can be a burden but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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    I study programming in College so I had to work on my linear thinking (logical stuffs and making algorithms). I am very emotional and get excited a lot about ideas and design; a people’s person and kinda of a perfectionist. I always love my thinking to flow with my emotions, and not against it. So in general, I am left-brain and right-brain balanced. Some events happened in my life that I decided to reduce my “why” and “why not” questions (I basically wasn’t satisfied with the answers I got) and started asking more “how” questions. Maybe I find myself using my left-brain more because of my studies and society. But since God opened me up to His Power and Love, and His voice through dreams… I have been wanting to shift back to use my right brain more.

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    I am a non-linear person.  I like to think why and why not about things.  I’m creative and can write a story from any angle.  I can decide to start with how I want to conclude it before writing the introduction or I can write the body and write the conclusion and the introduction last. I like to try new things, look at the same thing from different angles; like, for example, I have read three dream interpretation books and still was hungry to learn more from prophetic dreamers.  I always approach each one with an open mind and learn something new.

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    I am definitely a non-linear thinker. I find it almost impossible not to shift perspective and look at something from multiple angles, taking information from different sources to find a result, that may change with more information. I noticed in one of the comments above from a non-linear thinker that they use to-do lists. This is an important strategy for me, because it allows my mind to shoot off anywhere and not lose track of what I had decided to do. I have to think in a linear way to make the list (takes a bit of discipline), but the purpose is to free my thought processes again.

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    This is strange one for me because all the personality tests I take all come back with right brained but I feel like I’m left brained since I tend to be logical and systematic. I also want to understand things vs. just believing something. I’m definitely a researcher.

    I have noticed that with God when I believe He’s telling me something and I’m myself putting it in my electronic journal, many times it leads me to look something up about it or dates or something. Many times that leads me to more signs and confirmations that He is talking to me and I come across things that are kind of like on a trail that He’s leading me down even if it doesn’t make sense to me. So maybe those are times where I’m letting go of my logic and crossing into more right brained.

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