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Key 3.1- How can I personally improve in showing God that I value the dreams He sends?


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    I discovered that when I take the time to write down my dreams and try to understand them that I remember even more dreams. When I do not take the time to write them down or if I easily dismiss them as “nothing” that I remember fewer dreams. For me, writing down at least three dreams a week seems to keep the flow going. Now, I just need to learn how to interpret more quickly so I dont have a backlog of dreams that I dont understand. 🙂

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    I agree with Marcie. It starts with writing them down. I struggle with where to write them down. I think my laptop is a good option because I can utilize searches to find the one I’m looking for. Sometimes though, like when I’m still in bed or on the go, I jot them in a day journal filled with notes on everything else. Then I’m not sure if or where a dream I want to review is. It might sound crazy, but I’m thinking we can add organization to a host of things God loves. For me, sticking with a system is one thing that would show God I value these personal messages.

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    I am getting regular at recording them. I use a 5×7 journal. What I think I need to do more of is learn how to understand them more, and what I don’t understand, ponder and pray on more. I am already sensing that I missed the point of a couple of dreams which may have been key. I will show God I want to hear more from Him this way if I work on utilizing what he’s already told me. That’s just me.

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    Sometimes I write them down, and sometimes I don’t because I’m to tired to get out of bed. Sorry Lord !

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    Rev. Frank

    I can pray for more discernment to see the true meaning of the dreams that I get if I don’t see the message right away. Sometimes I just rely on my wife rather than asking the one who sent the dream. I have to ask myself “Am I being diligent in seeking the right interpretation for myself or am I lazy and relying on what others say”?

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    Write them down as they come, make a genuine effort at interpretation (with help when necessary), act on it if possible, and pray for more!

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    I never record any of my dreams, because I usually remember the ones that I think comes from Him. I realize now that, that is a mistake. Apart from the fact that writing them down will help me to get better insight, I now all of a sudden feel like a bride throwing away her Husband’s love-letters.  From now on I am going to show God that I value the dreams He sends me, by writing them down.

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    Rev Lynmarie

    I’m so very glad to hear that. This change alone can make all the difference in your life! God will gladly speak to you so often that it’s a challenge to get it all down, but do it!

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    I think the best way for me to do this is to do as you suggested, which is write down my dreams and pray for insight. I normally do write them down. I have a blog online that I keep all of my dreams from at least the last five years. However, there are times when I do not write them down and disregard some of the details. I don’t like when I do that because when I see those same elements again I have nothing to reference it to. I want to do better about writing them all down and also finishing this class. The bible says Study and show thyself approved. Taking this class is just that for me. I hope God is pleased and sees that I am serious about Him and His messages to me.

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    Rev Lynmarie

    Smiles. I KNOW God is pleased!

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    I need to write down my dreams as soon as I awake. I sometimes use the notes app on my cell phone to record them but not near as much as I should. The second thing I need to do is seek for the interpretation. I have had too many dreams just fall by the wayside because I did not seek for the interpretation. Lastly, I desire to draw closer to God and allow the Holy Spirit to sharpen my discernment.

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    The area I need the most improvement in is making more of an effort to record dreams that occur in the middle of the night. Getting enough sleep is a huge ongoing issue in my life because of a ridiculous work schedule and other stressors beyond my control, so I’m always reluctant to fully wake up and take proper notes. I am getting better at this, but there’s more I can do to make sure I get to bed earlier so that I can spend some time awake in the middle of the night and still get enough sleep. I know I’m missing important information and that really concerns me. There’s too much at stake to take any revelation from the Lord lightly! I can only hope that even if my conscious mind didn’t get the info, my spirit did and will somehow cause me to respond appropriately  (is this valid?), or that the Lord will get the revelation to me another time or in another way.

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    Rev Lynmarie

    There’s too much at stake to take any revelation from the Lord lightly! I can only hope that even if my conscious mind didn’t get the info, my spirit did and will somehow cause me to respond appropriately (is this valid?), or that the Lord will get the revelation to me another time or in another way. Well said.

    God is faithful to do as you requested. On waking in the night, I might suggest just noting a keywords for each aspect of the dream. You’ll remember the details when you get to your notes the next day. Works for me. 🙂

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    I think I need to record my dreams which I don’t do and pray that He will grant me an understanding of the dream

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      Rev Lynmarie

      Right on. Try to get a simple system that works for you.

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    I have struggled with a system to record my dreams, but finally figured out that typing them up and emailing them to myself provides me with a date stamp, an easy way to search, and automatic back-up for storing them safely. However, I still need a better way of remembering them if they occur in the middle of the night. I’m thinking a notebook by my bed to write down key words like Lyn suggested above would be helpful. I also try to wake up naturally instead of by an alarm, which really helps remembering those early morning dreams because I can lie there and think about it rather than move too quickly into my day. When the radio alarm wakes me, I usually can’t recall my dreams, even if it’s one that just happened.

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    I am going to strive to keep a notebook and pen next to my bed. I don’t seem to dream often (except after Ethiopian food – seriously), but maybe that will change.

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    -Not ignore some dreams

    -Write before I forget

    -WAIT on the Holy Spirit. Sometimes I jump to quick judgements (poor interpretations) about a dream before looking through the scope of the Holy Spirit and get all anxious about something.

    -Know that God chooses to speak to us; make sure not to abuse this precious communication, mishandle, speak out of turn, self-condem or be afraid. God sent the dream for a reason.

    -Thank God for them

    -Study for understanding (as the course says, ‘There are no short cuts.” So true)

    -Be more prayerful, not just use dreams for personal activity/entertianment/ type of past time. Recognize dreams with prayer is a powerful tool.

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    I need to continue journaling my dreams as I have been, but I need to take more time prayerfully to discern the message the Lord is giving me. I become frustrated in the process of interpreting if it doesn’t come to me quickly.

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    I always try to write down every dream I have. I also always pray for insight and ask the Holy Spirit to guide me in interpretation. I pray that God would help me not to miss any messages that He has for me.

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    Continue writing them down

    Stop procrastinating to pray as soon as I have them

    Ask God to open my heart more to receive things he is saying that I don’t necessarily want to hear



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    I record my dreams, but rarely review them later.  I look forward to improving on this, because every time I do I get great encouragement!  If nothing else, I can see how God has been speaking to me–how God is present, guiding, caring, and involved in my life.

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    I used to handwrite my dreams in spiral notebooks, but after reading a Dreams book by James Goll, I transcribe them onto my Word program via computer.  I find that typing them on my computer and using the ,”find” and search keys helps me to look for patterns in symbols to determine the language God uses when speaking to me.  Since I have many entries in my handwritten dream notebooks, I am still transcribing older dreams.  I have also recently learned that it is good to pray regarding each dream and ask for revelation and wisdom how to act, if any, upon the dream.

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    I can improve more by writing them down as they come instead of putting them off till later. I have a lot of dreams, there’s time when I write them immediately and times when I put them off thinking I will remember them later. I mow know everything is important and i will no longer toss God’s messages to the side, or pick and choose the ones I think is important. Thank you for this lesson, it has given me a new perspective on keeping track of my dreams.

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    I have written my dreams for a couple of years now.  I realized I had so many notebooks and I couldn’t immediately refer to a dream when I came to a situation that God had revealed in a dream. From the beginning of this year, I started typing my dreams.  It’s become a lot easier to look up a dream.  Also, I realized the importance of writing down every dream I have even when it does not make sense at the time.  At the beginning of the year, the Lord said something to me while I was praying and I had a hard time believing it was God.  One day I told Him that if he did not give me a sign that it was Him, I would not go through with whatever it is that He’d spoken to me.  I picked one of my notebooks and found a short dream.  I’d written; I saw a small red car (number plate) leaving and it was night time. I had this dream in 2015.  I saw this car owned by a childhood friend at the end of 2017.  When I saw this confirmation, I stopped arguing with God and rested in his promise.

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    I have started writing dreams down straight away when I wake up. It takes commitment to wake myself up enough, but after listening to this unit, I feel encouraged to continue with it – even if I think it’s probably not prophetic. One thing I think I need to be more mindful of, is spending time in God’s presence  and allowing Him to open up the meaning to me. Sometimes, it’s easy to say, “Thanks God, I’ve got it from here now” and I end up relying on my own insight, instead of remembering that the insight can only come from the Holy Spirit – just like with any other prophecy. It needs to be a relational exercise – that’s probably the main point in God communicating it with us in the first place.

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    I need to write dreams down as soon as I wake up regardless what time it is. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of a dream or after a dream and tell myself I’m too tired to write it down and may have a hard time falling back asleep. Of course when I wake up again many of the dreams I don’t remember.

    I’m going to also make a better effort to pray and ask the Holy Spirit what the dream means and start an interpretive process with the dream either the day I wake up from it or in the next day or two instead of putting it to the side and having it ending up in my dream folder.

    I’m also going to pay attention in life as to when those dreams might play out so I don’t miss something God had for me or avoid a possible situation if a warning dream.

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