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Key 2.2- Recount a dream you had as a child (or one that a child you know has shared with you) that you feel was sent from the dark side and why.


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    Age 16 After my rededication I had two dreams from the enemy. The first was a black and white dream that occurred at night. I was watching a large picture frame hanging in the air. Inside the picture frame was the grim reaper. It was also raining and lightening inside the picture frame. He pointed to me and threatened to capture and kill me. The second dream was more of a direct attack where an evil presence tried to suffocate me. I had to rebuke it three times before I could fully breathe again.


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    I remember that as a child I always talked about this one dream I had that our home got flooded and washed away. Everyone escaped to the roof and was rescued but me. Since I lived in an area where this actually could happen, it stuck with me and scared me for years, but nothing ever happened like that. I guess Satan sent this dream to introduce me to the value of fear. And as I look back on it now, I guess it had some effect because I’ve battled that for years.

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    Marcie and Raylene- you’ve sparked my memory. Come to think of it, my fear of the dark originated with one of those “monster under the bed” dreams. Sometimes he would move to the closet. Of course the dream was dark so I remember that later I had trouble telling whether what I was seeing was real, my imagination, or a dream. It didn’t help that my parents were strict and left me alone to cry. I can see now that evil was having some fun with me. I eventually threw that off.

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    There were two different kinds that I feel were from the dark side when I was a child. I would be falling and right before I hit the ground I woke up. And  being chased and filled with fear when I woke up. There was another one I had that has stuck with me since childhood. I live near Lake Michigan and in the dream by the beach theres a bridge. I was floating above the bridge and the water  was flowing onto the streets. I now wonder if it was prophetic and speaking of the water of The Spirit.

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    Rev. Frank

    I had a recurring dream as a child that I was falling from a great height and would be killed when I hit “the bottom”. Scared the pants off of me to the point where I was afraid to go to sleep. Not the kind of encouraging dream that God would send. Now that reflect back on that, it fits perfectly to the scheme Satan was up to in my life.

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    As a sheltered child seeing Ghostbusters in the theaters managed to scare me silly. Not so much a dream but a very real imagining of seeing the escaping ghosts (the scene where the ghosts escape the firehouse bc the inspector lets them loose) and seeing them all very vividly constantly hovering around my closet next to my bed. Stuck with me for years.

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    Rev. Frank

    Actually, you sound as sensitive as I was as a child! When my parents left me with my grandma overnight on New Year’s Eve and jokingly told me, “see you next year”- I was traumatized for years!

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    As a child I remember this dream I had of this woman who lived in New York in a Highrise apartment. She had young children. There was also a man there. I dreamed that one day at her home there were police who barged in and shot up everybody, including the man who was with her. That dream made me very afraid. It made me never want to visit New York. I haven’t been there yet and I’m in my thirties.

    In my mind I associated New York with this dream of this poor woman and her family. I still don’t know why I had this dream. Maybe the devil is trying to keep me from a blessing that he knew I had in New York. Maybe he was trying to invoke fear early so that I would never go there.

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      Rev Lynmarie

      Interesting. Does sound like a dream from the dark side. It impressed you enough to remember it, and it was threatening- as if to plant fear… fear of living in a big city similar to New York (LA for example), fear of being a single mom and poor, fear of and hatred for authority and specifically the police. Can you relate to any of this in the circumstances surrounding your life?

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    When our youngest son was about four years old (today he is nearly 22 years and still remember the dream), he had a dream where we all were inside the house we lived in at that stage. The house looked small compared to the size of the yard. It was late night and only the living/TV room’s light was on in the house. The yard in his dream didn’t have any garden, only pale yellow grass with only a little green. Two of his older brothers (we have four sons) sat with their two friends in the TV room. They were playing PlayStation without a TV in front of them.

    He (our youngest son, the one who had the dream) and his father walked from a door (which was in reality not there), to the wall around our house. Because the wall was much to high for him to climb on it himself, his father picked him up to sit next to him on the wall. He saw between the wall and the right side of the yard were about a half meter of flowers in.  As they were chatting, it all of a sudden became utterly, pitch-dark. In his dream his father jumped off the wall, left him there and ran to the house. The bricks on the northern side of the wall started to crumble as his father ran to the house. The loose bricks then moved to form a word that he couldn’t read because he was still to small, but there was a frame around the brick words and he remembers a “x”,”p” and “i”. As this word was forming a ghost came from behind the northern wall which looked like “casper the ghost”, but it was massive – about half the size of our yard. He was terribly scared and began to cry as he saw that his father was already in the house and he can’t come off the wall because it was too high. The ghost then flew a little higher as the wall, towards him and then hovered over him with a cunning, malicious, evil smile on his face.

    He woke up and walked to our room to sleep with us. He fell asleep again and dreamed that all of them (my husband, himself, two of our other sons  and the two friends) were in a desert, walking over a sand dune. All of a sudden the sun was darkened and the same extreme darkness of the first dream surrounded all of them. The ghost appeared from behind the dune with that same cunning, malicious, evil smile on his face. He flew smoothly, directly to our youngest son (the one who had the dream). He then woke up.

    I feel that this dream was sent from the dark side not only to try to plant fear in our son, but also to try to confuse and disillusion him with the lie that his father will leave him alone when he needs him most. The cunning serpent knows very well that our relationships with our early fathers, have a direct influence on how we see our Heavenly Father and that if he can come with his deceitful lies when we are young, he can water the lies up to a point where the young , not only loose trust in their earthly fathers, but also in God Himself.

    By God’s grace the plan of the enemy didn’t work and our son not only has a loving relationship with his earthly father, but also his Heavenly Father.



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    I just did unit 2.3 and realize that the origin of the could have been from God about satan’s  plans and/or about a dark time, because during those years we went through a lot of financial struggles and not long after the dream our son had, we had to move out of the house because of that.  he also remembers the dream very clearly today as if he had dreamed it yesterday although it was about nineteen years ago . . .

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      Rev Lynmarie

      I agree with your re-assessment. It sounds like God was showing him the coming test and that the devil would be wanting to take advantage of him in this vulnerable time… a typical scheme he uses on children, to plant that seed of abandonment. And so wonderful that Satan’s trick didn’t take root!

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    Our daughter in law remembers a dream she had when she was young, although she says she can’t remember everything. She was running through a dark forest while something was chasing her. She was very scared. Every time she turned her head to look back, she only saw a shadow hiding behind a tree. She jumped into water. As she looked up, thousands of spiders came down on her. In the next part of the dream as  she was walking on a path, she came to a big bed. Her younger sister was on the bed. While looking at her sister, spider skeletons came to her sister. She says that she can remember how helpless and afraid she felt when she woke up. She can also remember that everything in her dream was black and white.

    I think this was a dream from the dark side because of the shadow haunting and scaring her and because of the spiders that came down on her and in the second part the spider skeletons that came to her sister.  Also the feelings of helplessness that she felt when she woke up together with the fact that everything in the dream was black and white, (which I now know from unit 2.3, is usually a dream sent from the enemy), let me think that this dream may rather be a dream from the dark side than our youngest son’s dream

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      Rev Lynmarie

      Sorry these replies are so late. Very busy and now the broken dominant wrist… 5 weeks in cast so far and more to come. Anyway, it feels like you are right about the origin of the dream. Spiders generally speak of the the occult though. Any connection there?

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    I used to have a reoccurring dream (although now I’m not sure if it was reoccurring or that it just scared me so much that I kept thinking about it) about being in a car and turning but missing the road and going into a ditch leading down to into the river. I think it was sent to make me fearful of going into the river. Perhaps symbolically, fear of going into the things of God.

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    As a child I had recurring dreams about being chased by dark monsters on the streets of a city (I lived in the city, so not sure if this was significant). It was always nightime in the dreams and very dark. I remember feeling terror.

    I also remember one dream in particular that was so vivid and I can still feel the feelings I had in the dream. I actually think this wasn’t so much a dream as a demonic visitation. I was sleeping (in real life, I mean) and I saw a large, evil looking black man with a fu manchu type mustache bending over me while I slept. I felt like he was going to touch me and I was so terrified that I woke up and turned the light on. It took a few seconds for the strong impression of his presence to fade, as well as the terror – it felt so real. I believe I may have encountered this same spirit years later at a time when I came under demonic oppression as a Christian.


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      Rev Lynmarie

      Clearly a demonic voice to plant fear. Reveals what the devil was going to be up to in your life.

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    Not as a child but during my early adult years I had a recurring dream of someone following me or chasing and I am trying to rebuke that person but  am not able to as somehow my voice  would become inaudible because of some kind of force not letting me talk. Then I started praying for dreams that would be sent to me from God and He started to send them but I wouldn’t clearly understand them all. I asked for discernment from God but still wasn’t very clear on many things until I came across your website and now that I am using the dictionary more from there I have been receiving more dreams -very frequently. I am working on sharpening my understanding of what God is wanting to convey to me and thanks for your help with this Lyn.

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      Rev Lynmarie

      It’s such a delight to hear that I am helping someone understand god’s voice more clearly! Thanks for the encouragement!

      Reoccurring dreams are frequently from God, often warnings. I too, while in my 20’s, used to have reoccurring dreams of being chased. Later, when I began to look into the matter, I was able to match those dreams up with 2 other dream themes I kept experiencing during the same time period. And it became clear that they had been send by God to show me what would be going on in my life for some time. God was allowing demonic forces into my life so that I could learn about deliverance and help others.

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    I had recurring nightmares as a child where I was being chased. I also had a dream where my mother, whose face was covered with a green facial mask, died. After that dream I was so afraid to go to sleep that my mom actually took me to the pediatrician for help. His advice was for her to sit with my until I fell asleep each night. I remember that going on for weeks. I was maybe 8 or 9?

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    A young boy of 12 shared a dream with me whilst in church. In the dream he found himself confronted by a man wielding a knife. He cried out to his mum and sister who came running, scarring the man off. When I asked the boy when he’d had the dream, he replied “when I was seven and my father was always away from home ministering.

    I shared with him that I believed this was a dream from the enemy to install fear that his father would never be there for him and that it was a lie as the enemy is altar from the beginning.

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    I had 3 recurring dreams as a child – one being falling, but the other 2 I remember clearly to this day 30+ years later. The second was we had a couch in our living room and if I would lift up the skirt and look under it, a monkey like creature would try to grab me and pull me under it. The third dream was in church, and after service the fruit of the loom men (yes the ones in costume) would chase me around church and if they touched me I would die. I had these dreams on several occasions.

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    When I was a young girl, I dreamed my mom was standing in my room loading a shotgun to shoot me. I awoke fearful and paranoid for a little while after that dream.

    In real life around that time, my mom purchased a shotgun to protect my siblings and I.

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    I had a recurring nightmare of bears being inside my yard and I was desperately trying to get inside the closed door of my house. Sometimes I would wake before getting in the house.

    I also had another vivid nightmare when I was young of my family visiting the White House, or a government building. My dad was shot and he collapsed to the tile black and white floor. Red, red blood pooled beside him. I immediately woke up and ran to my parents’ room. I ran into the vacuum cleaner that was in the hallway and thought it was a guard holding his gun…I was so frightened!!

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    I had this recurring dream when I was in elementary school. I was in my 3rd grade classroom with my mom. She went outside to plant some flowers. I was left in the classroom by myself. These two men in black trench coats enter the classroom to rob it. They see me hiding in the corner and walk over to me. They grab me and chop off my head. Just as they are chopping my head off I jolt awake. I felt like the dream was demonic because it was so scary for me every time I had it.

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    I had reoccurring dreams of being locked in a room with Satan himself. No matter how loud I screamed or said Jesus I would be trapped and trying to wake myself up. I believe the enemy did this to torment me with a spirit of fear to keep me from valuing true God given dreams.

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    I remember being in kindergarten and having a dream that my teacher was a witch. This was not true of her in real life. I never had problems with her in real life, or ever felt disliked by her.

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    I wasn’t a child per se, but I remember having a lot of gory dreams when I was about 18 years old.  They almost always focused on my family being slaughtered.  At the time, I chalked it up to a diary sensitivity!  Looking back, however, it’s easy to see what was going on; I was in an ungodly relationship with a young man of very poor character.  I ended up marrying him and paid a high price, indeed–the sin in my life (including poor choices) opened me up to a lot of chaos and pain.  Frankly I’m still not sure if the dreams were from the enemy or from God, but they certainly could have helped me make better choices, had I known how to listen!

    While I know everything happens in God’s timing, I wish I had understood the nature of prophetic dreams back then!

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    As a child I would have reoccurring dreams about gray-looking people in a dark cave. They looked like scary monster-people of different sizes all inside of a dark cave.  Those dreams would freighten me because they would do perverse things in the dream.  I would also see insects and worms in those dreams too.  It was as if I was watching a scary adult movie.  I spoke to God a lot as a kid and would tell Him about the dreams.  Then the last dream I had of them showed all of the creatures crossing over a very long bridge.  Some creatures fell into the abyss as they were crossing over since the drop down had no stopping point and looked too dark to see the bottom.  After that dream, I never saw them or had perverse dreams from Those cave people!


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    One of the scariest dream I had was when I was about 12 or 13. While I was asleep something was pulling me off my bed to under my bed. I looked and saw a red dragon with horns and fire all around him. I woke up fast, jump out of bed and ran to my mom room and told her about it. She told me to rebuke it in Jesus Name and go back to sleep. That scared the crap out of me, I stayed up all night with the light on. The weird thing to me at that time was I can see it all happening from another view point ( Like watching myself experience it).

    The enemy has been attacking me since I was a child, I didn’t understand it then but I grew to find out why. He has came at me with all kinds of scare tactics: through thoughts, depression, friends, family, & dreams. To the point where I thought I was looking my mind, but God always intervened and strengthen me through it all. God made sure I understood that greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world! And I praise His Mighty Name for always keeping me!

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    I once had a nightmare when I was 7 years old. I was in a zoo with my family and snakes, many cobra snakes escaped from the cage and bit my family and they all died before my eyes. I was so scared. And a snake bit me on my back. It hurt so much in the dream, and I even felt the pain on my physical body. As I died slowly in the dream, I was waking up slowly in real life. It was so scary. But as an excited kid, I forgot about the dream when my elder brother began to play with me.

    Before I took a shower, there was a strange mark on my back. It was like someone scratched me. This made me remember the dream because it was on the same spot that the snake bit me in the dream. I was super scared and was always praying blood of Jesus. The dream never repeated itself and thanks to God!!!

    Other scary dreams I had were dreams of people chasing me. I had many of such at a young age. Especially in my teenage years. Thank God for His protection and love from these ways the enemy tries to scare us to death.

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    I was 13 years old and I had a dream when I almost sat my class 8 national exams.  In the dream,  I was at my aunt’s and I saw a snake that had a hand and the colors of a leopard, hiding in a pit.  It raised the hand and hid it several times and I woke up drenched in sweat.  This dream, however, became a blessing in my exams because, in the English composition, we were asked to write a story about a scary dream.  I scored very high marks in that English paper.

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    One dream I had was of being chased by an old woman. If she caught me I would be turned into an old woman too. From then on, I had an irrational fear of this happening in real life. Children don’t have the capacity to analyse their experiences, including dreams, rationally, so to them, these fears become truth. Even as an adult, I can feel afraid, anxious or unsettled for no apparent reason, and I suspect these feelings have been planted in me while I was very young and have now become habit.

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    I must have been about 8 years old, I had a dream that I was being chased by a big crocodile in a jungle and I was really scared. I woke up in a cold sweat. I however remember that the crocodile never got me because I decided to run in a zig zag pattern to escape the crocodile and it could not keep up.

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    I had recurring dreams that my teeth would twist and contort in my gums. Sometimes they would stick straight out and sometimes just twist in place. It was so real that I could still feel the sensation of it when I woke up. They were always followed by or linked to me in a castle being chased. I never saw what or who chasing me. Also, I would dream that I could not move or cry out for help. It was very frightening.

    I would say it was from the dark side because there was no resolution and redemption. Just fear that it would occur again.


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