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Key 15.2 B- Has God ever called you to change your script (speech)? What experience have you had with this?


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    For me, changing you script comes from having things in your life that need to be dealt with, but you can’t directly do anything about them. Praying, getting God involved, and speaking into the atmosphere the Word of God over situations, speaking the things that are not as though they were. I think it especially works well when you know you are speaking God’s will. That comes from knowing the Word and perhaps receiving solid confirmed prophesy.

    Yes, I have found myself in situations that I couldn’t control and I have begun learning to not only pray, but believe and speak LIFE over situations. In fact have one now I am waiting on.

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    I remember a time when I was apparently being more negative than I realized because my husband was aware of it. My words were surely not working on our behalf because the Lord reminded me to “change my script” through some prophetic words I got.

    Those folks were right on. No way they could have known what I was going through, but God knew and showed me that there was power in the tongue! It took a while, but the problem got resolved.

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    Yes, more than one time , for sure!  He always reminds me. What you say, is what you get. Changing my script is aligning my mouth to come into agreement with His Word. Like you said! Life and death is in the power of that teeny little troublemaker in our mouths. It’s critical to our victory.

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    Rev. Frank

    When God tells me to change my script, He’s telling me to change what I say. It might be about changing my negative attitude and the sour words that then find their way out of my mouth. It might be about how I talk to someone. OR it could be about how I talk ABOUT someone. I have to admit I sometimes slip into venting. Am I inadvertently putting word curses on someone that I’m currently frustrated with? Thank God that He puts up with me and gently nudges me to change my script when I need to.

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    The Holy Spirit told me through a dream that I needed humility. That was a shocker for me. The last thing I needed was humility. At least that is what I thought. So it made me stop and think what would humility look like in this situation.

    I think a script change relates to having the mind of Christ, to bring ourselves into agreement and alignment with the very heart of our Lord.

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      I’ll admit I can relate to the humility issue you mentioned. It’s difficult in various situations to act that out! Your comments and assignment answers show so much maturity! I know the Lord will use you mightily.

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    Like everyone definitely struggle with the slow crawl into negativity. Every day God calls me to change my script to better reflect the fruits of the spirit. Would say it is very important bc if we aren’t bearing any fruit not sure we are being true to our call to be little Christs.

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      Very well said. We ALL find ourselves slipping into doubt and negativity. I haven’t met a saint yet who doesn’t… some who appear not to, maybe.

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    Yes. The Lord has specifically given me instruction about NOT speaking to someone. I had to really trust Him because I felt I needed to say something, but He knew the timing was not right. His ways are higher!

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    I can’t really remember about God asking me to change my speech. But my experience is God teaching me to understand things and to know the things of God that are to be kept secret, and the things that are to be told to others; because I am a very open person.

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    I shared this in another forum but I think it’s worth repeating. I was really concerned about finances and every time I prayed, I reminded God how stressful the situation was.  Then I had a dream where Jesus came to my room and showed me the back of his head and asked me whether his hair was ruffled.  I stopped praying for finances and started thanking God for his provision. A week later, someone who owed me a huge debt deposited money in my account.

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    I think it can be stressful when you feel like no one is listening or you are not being heard. Recently God has been giving me peace just to let words remain unsaid. I don’t need to be heard. I don’t have to battle for a break in a conversation to say what I think. Listen more. Offer people validation in really listening and affirming what they are saying.

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    Oh yes. I did not realize that I had been actually blaming my husband for where I am in my life. God gently reminded me that I will stand before Him regarding my assignment, not my husbands. Yes, we pastor a church together and I need to support his ministry but somehow I lost sight of the fact that there may be a specific call that I am suppose to fulfill. I am still working all of that out and trying remain balanced. The bottom line is I must be speaking over all aspects of the call, which includes me.

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