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Key 15.2 A- Describe a time when you felt God gave you an attitude adjustment whether positive or negative.


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    If your story is connected to a dream… all the better.

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    OK. I’ll admit that as a Christian I used to think I could live my life without God’s help. I thought I pretty much had it all down. The problem was that I stored all this Bible knowledge in my brain and then pretty much worshipped myself for knowing it all. One day God had apparently had enough and began to deal with me. My world fell apart. I found out that I couldn’t really control much, and that I needed to admit that I needed God to jump in or even show me the way.

    He was about a slow to respond as I had been to realize I needed not just His Word, but Him. But He did eventually intervene and I haven’t been the same since. Now I can truly mean it when I sing, “Spirit of the Living God, fall fresh on me.”


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    I’d like to be able to tell you that I haven’t needed any correction. The issue that I’ve been most stubborn about has been my attitude toward myself. It took me years just to figure out that I didn’t think enough of myself. I was doing self-destructive things and didn’t know why. It was just the way I was.

    I learned through the aftermath of a near death experience that my life does have value and I had to throw off negative words spoken about me by one of my parents. It was a lot to overcome, to believe that I wasn’t an accident and that I was fearfully and wonderfully made. I know God used that situation to give me an attitude adjustment, and I praise him for it!

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    Umm. Well! Yesterday! That wasn’t one of His more positive ones. I could feel fear trying to overtake me. And The Lord said. Rise up! fear is trying to swallow you up and paralyze you. This was in regards to my grandchildren. As soon as I began to rise up and take authority. Saying – hey! wait a minute here. I do not have a spirit of fear , but love, power and a sound mind. Lord , You are more than able to protect these kids. And honestly within minutes it started to leave. ( Thanks Lord!) I needed that!

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    Rev. Frank

    I’ve had several instances where God gave me prophetic words of encouragement exactly at the time I needed them. Right when I was seriously discouraged, down, and ready to quit.

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    The dream that started me down this road of exploring interpretation was the jumping off the mast of a sailboat dream. Confused me to no end until finally reached out to a friend and asked him if the thought God spoke through dreams. He certainly thought so and asked me to shoot him an email with the details and he would pass it along to his friend who could help. A few days later the response floored me. Definitely had a Moses moment of “me??” but the Spirit really wrapped me in a blanket of love and understanding. Was an awesome moment to know God speaks, was speaking to me, and it was some much needed encouragement!!

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      That’s an AWESOME dream, by the way. Hope your friend’s friend got it right. It’s so beautiful and positive, and describes you perfectly!

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    God usually gives me dreams of encouragement.

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    Had a dream that an old high school “rival” came and sat next to me at a table and said in a very patronizing voice “I know your not still mad at me, that would be unforgiveness.” At this point in my life I had already forgiven her, so I thought and had even prayed about my past hurt from our broken friendship and falling out. But God knew in my heart I still had some bitterness. That lead to true repentance and enabled me to literally cry out for her in prayer in a way I couldn’t before.

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    Last night I had two “baby” dreams. This is encouraging as I know God is doing something new in my life. He gives this encouragement at just the right time. So thankful for that!

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    I had a dream when God the Father told me, “Your Love is not enough”. I was really shaken by the dream. Since that day, I have really been working on loving people more. God has been kind and merciful. By His Grace, I believe there has been some improvement, but there’s still much more that I need God’s grace for. So yeah, this really changed a lot in my attitude. I am thankful for this.

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    I had a major disagreement with a friend and I was furious. I wanted nothing to do with this friend anymore.  Then the Lord gave me a dream in which I saw a white lorry run down a white dog.  The lorry did not stop and the dog lay dead on the road. The dog belonged to a boy who came with his friends to pick up the dead dog to go and bury it.  Miraculously, the dog resurrected and the boys came towards me carrying the dog. It had a thorn in it’s paw and the boys decided to kill the dog because of the thorn in the paw and I was disheartened.

    I believe the Lord was asking me, “Really, break a friendship because of a minor disagreement?”  I love the way God puts things across.  Here I was thinking that the offense was something I couldn’t get over and God saw it as a thorn in paw? Waoh.

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    I have been involved in worship ministry for much of my life, but I still find I need to continually ask God to enable me to minister with a pure focus and to rely on Him completely, ministering to the congregation by His Spirit, not based on my own ability, talent or perceptions. It is a constant challenge to have a right attitude,  and not to think too much of myself, especially when I muck up and make (what I think are) really obvious mistakes. My self-esteem can take a good blow if my heart is in the wrong place. My motivation needs to be obedience and honouring Him alone as I play. No matter how emotionally uplifting the music is, only the Holy Spirit can do the work in people’s hearts He needs to do. This attitude adjustment is a continual journey.

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    I’ll go back to when God revealed to me my dad’s emotion state through a dream/vision that allowed me to forgive him and continue to walk in forgiveness. I will be forever grateful.

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