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Key 15.1- Give us an example of a time that you discerned what God was calling you to do in a dream, how you responded, and what resulted.


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    Not too long ago I had a girlfriend I hung out with from time to time. Everyone around me told me she was bad news. I tend to see the best in people, so I focused on that and persisted in the relationship. God showed me in a dream that He had given me a finite number of days on this earth and that I was meant to use them wisely.

    Somehow I knew that one of the things God was calling me to do was to let go of that relationship. It wasn’t pretty, but I obeyed (of course, that’s when I saw the ugly side of this friend). My life got better after that. It just seemed like I was more blessed. Good things came to me.

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    Once when I was really upset with my wife, the Lord impressed on my heart through a dream to stop calling her names (in the dream I experienced it from her perspective). In real life I would use her maiden name as a put down. I guess I had just resorted to that for lack of any other defense. I remember being tempted from time to time, but held my tongue. Eventually her defensive attitude and we opened up to each other more than ever. Exercising self-control isn’t easy,  but It’s worth it… especially when God gives you the strategy.

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    I really am a most blessed girl. I always prayed, Lord could you please answer me black and white so I get what You mean? And He always so graciously tells me whats up. Well first receiving what I was called to was so HUGE!!! Back in the 90’s and He would progressively step by step speak through dreams, through prophetic words. He drew me to a prophetic class in 2007. And we would prophesy to each other. The funny thing is at first I usually didn’t get what He said, but He kept making His point. In that class everyone had some type of word that I had fire. Yikes at first I was like- WHAT? FIRE??? OMGlorious what does that mean. Well  He showed me it was His passion working through me. Neat thing is He always talks to me like that .I think he knows I wouldn’t get it otherwise.

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    Rev. Frank

    I had a dream that I was lying down in the street face down and was shot. I knew the dream had something to do with what job I was doing at the time and I knew it was telling me to quit the job. Sure enough, smart me continued in the work and eventually I got “shot down” in the job and resigned my position, but not until I had wasted quite a bit more time and heartache. A reminder to trust God rather than myself.

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    This is a timely section of teaching for me. Within the past week I had a dream that I’m still praying about. I am not sure of its application but I understand the message. I had been working in a bank as a teller and quit my job to stay home. I was at home and my wall turned into a wall sized screen TV and I could see blurry horses running in the field…like a movie that was out of focus. I thought that it was a project that Chris had once wanted me to work on but that I was no longer working on it. I was sitting across the table from my husband and he said how much money he made. I said: I was making $2715 a paycheck at my job at the bank.

    I went back to the bank. I think I was second guessing my decision. I walked in and watched everyone working and thought that I didn’t really want to be a bank teller. Then I saw a lady that I knew who worked there. I said: I’m sorry I left. She said: I was wondering why you left you had a great paying job as a legal secretary.

    After she said that I remembered that I had been hired to be a legal secretary and not a bank teller. I had only been in cross training. I walked upstairs where the attorney office was located. It was the entire second floor. I stood third in line in the foyer waiting to be admitted inside the huge double wood doors. A man who was first in line was laying on his belly in front of the door. This dream was in bright colors.

    The dream seems to be a call to humility. The scene with the running horses is probably in reference to my continual prayer to “run with the horses.” What I don’t know is –why a bank teller and why a legal secretary? I wonder if it has to do with my prayer life. Most recently I’ve been feeling frustrated in not “breaking through” to a closer walk with the Lord. I have been praying for my spiritual eyes to be opened that I might behold the Lord. In the dream I quit the job…hmm…still trying to piece together…

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      4-digit numbers are quite a riddle because we’re not sure what combination to take them in. You know 2 and 7; 15 symbolizes rest.

      But here’s what I make of this. It seems that you are desiring to help people in their struggles directly through the POWER of God, miracles. God is saying to take a different route to get to the same place. Their miracles are being held up because of “legal issues”. The power of God is unleashed by constraining the hands of the devil through “legal” means. Find out through interview or the prophetic what is blocking their deliverance and break it with them. Repentance is the first key, of course.

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    One of the many cool moments during this course was realizing dreams include a commission. Sounds a bit silly but being new to this area my tendency was to see dreams as a message of what was going to happen (eg it’s going to rain in a week) rather than what I needed to do (eg get new tires for your car b/c it is going to rain next week). So, in my less than infinite wisdom, was about half way through the course when I decided to act on a dream when I didn’t have the foggiest idea what the commission was. Well, it would seem the Spirit was especially kind and salvaged the situation. The result is I have learned to give dreams time, to ask for guidance, and to act in confirmation. Thankfully, the good Lord answered my prayers about the dream in question and sent me a dream of epic proportions in response to examine for quite some time (as well as a couple others since then)! Feel like I am getting behind on my homework and will have to ask for an extension!!

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      That is so encouraging!! The commission aspect seems a little un-glamorous and I wondered if the lesson seems boring, but you are right. We have to discern if the dream is prophesying “this will happen” or “do something about this”… and then do what is called for.

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    Several years ago I had a vision while I was dreaming. It was the first time I felt God was instructing me to do something in a dream. The only thing is my sister was learning about interpreting dreams and strongly stated that the dream was about me and I should not go to my neighbor of whom the dream was about. Needless to say I had a rough couple days until 2 days later when she called me after speaking with a more experienced dream interpreter and said this was one of the few times that you do go speak to the person. So this was the dream: I was in my kitchen and as I looked out the window my neighbors pool and hot tub we’re missing. Next thing I knew I heard a rumbling and I went to the back door to see what it was. It was dark Cloud Rolling forward from the East. I knew it was God’s judgment and it was terrifying and I was begging God to forgive me. The cloud came down and engulfed to me. The feeling of God’s judgement was powerful, I knew I was a sinner that deserved death. But then the cloud picked me up and was carrying me over towards my neighbor and I was begging him to forgive her. Then I saw two clocks the second being a pocket watch. Then God showed me a scripture and I knew he was telling me I needed to know it and I couldn’t memorize it so I just remembered the verse. 1st Samuel 2:10. Then I woke up and I went immediately to see what 1st Samuel 2:10 was. I was stunned to find that the verse said “God shatters the lives of those and he Thunders against those who oppose him.”

    I also spoke to a pastor’s wife/friend about it and she didn’t know how to advise me.

    Before my sister called me back to tell me what the experienced interpreter said. I had a very rough two days because I was living a Christian Life and even teaching at bible school. I did not know what more God wanted from me. So when I was given the interpretation and instructed that I should go talk to my neighbor I did. As I knew I felt I needed to originally  in the dream. I told her that I had a dream that God said she was losing the Holy Spirit. Because that was the interpretation with her hot tub and pool being gone from her yard. She said she totally agreed and felt she needed to reconnect with God. Unfortunately within the year she had had an affair with a neighbor moved out and the hot tub and pool were really gone.

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    The Lord graciously gives me many warning dreams. I pray for protection when I have these dreams and I believe God has protected and deflected many fiery darts of the enemy directed toward me.

    I also had a dream about an overhead light being burned out. In my dream, I know that I need to change the light bulb. When I woke I prayed that God would give me light, understanding and revelation as He brings more light to what I see. I believe that dream was given to me to cause me to pray for more light/insight/revelation and also to see the need to stay in His word.


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    I once had a dream of a friend of mine arguing with me in my room. Then she left, then she came back and took her telephone and left again. I understood that we may not become so close anymore. I understood God was preparing my heart for this. So when it happened (after 3 days), I wasn’t feeling bad emotionally.

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    A few weeks ago I had a dream of a pastor who was my boss before we were laid off. In the dream, I was still working with the pastor in the office and a pastor named David, who I had never met in real life, brought a card to raise funds for his son who was admitted at the hospital.  He asked me to give the card to my boss, the pastor.  When he came to the office, I gave him the card and he just put it in a drawer and left. I was puzzled by his behavior because I knew Pastor David was his friend. Pastor David called me and asked me whether I had given my boss the card and I answered in the affirmative. He asked me whether my boss had asked me to represent him at the fundraiser and I told him no.  He told me to tell my boss not to worry about parking because he had a large parking lot, even though he lived in a slum.

    A few days later, a lady I had met and who had a prophetic gift called to tell me she had something important to tell me. I had lent her some money and a month later she called me to tell me she didn’t have money.  I sent her money to buy food and a few days later she called to tell me she had lost her job.

    Immediately the dream came to mind and I knew that the Lord was warning me about giving her more money.  Because I had lent her a large some of money, she thought she could live off me and had quit her job!  God saved me from losing more money to a woman who is clearly misusing her prophetic gift.

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    I dreamt I was going to church. I didn’t know what was happening, but apparently my husband and I were meant to be up the front of church for a baby dedication or something similar. I was trying to get ready in the car on the way to church. I wasn’t wearing suitable clothes – I was in an old t-shirt  with cooking stains down the front, that I now use as pyjamas. My husband offered me his shirt, but it was way too big.

    I’m not very confident with my dream interpretation abilities yet, but I thought perhaps it was to do with playing for worship ministry the following Sunday. I had missed the music rehearsal the night before, because I was unwell. I wondered if God was prompting me to do some extra music practice.

    I thought, well, if this is not the right interpretation, I’ve got nothing to lose – practice is always good. I made a particular point of setting aside the time. It turned out that the songs were harder than I thought and there were only a few musicians on Sunday. I needed to be confident in what I was playing.

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    I am not sure this has happened yet 🙂

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