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Key 14.3- Have you ever been wrong before about something you sensed? Describe one occasion.

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    Yes my husband has the gift of discernment. It is amazing what he comes out with when interacting with others and what I get from the same situation.

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    Yes. I made a quick judgment about someone based on their actions (I didn’t know them) then someone who knew them explained the reasons for their behavior. I felt convicted that I had judged them in error not knowing their full story.

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    Yeah! I usually feel the presence of God a lot. And recently, sometimes if I feel pain on a part of my body suddenly, it means that someone else has that pain. And then we pray for the person and they get healed. So I think it’s discernment of spirits or Word of Knowledge. God is still training me to stir up this gift more often, so there are many times I’m like, “Do you have pain on this part of your body?”. And the person’s like, “Nope”. It’s heartbreaking. LoL. I find out that my body’s just playing with me. But overtime, I have learnt to discern between bodily twitches and when it’s God releasing a Word of Knowledge. But made a pretty number of mistakes. Thank God they weren’t huge mistakes. Still learning, there’s just so much in God.

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    Sure.  I have judged people and situations wrongly.  I have especially become more cautious with dreams because I have ascribed a dream element literally only to realize it wasn’t literal.

    I had a dream where I was talking to a friend who was a journalist, so I concluded that the dream was about work because I am writer. In the dream, my friend said that I should not share my secrets with people.  I’d been pondering about a certain relationship that wasn’t going on well and I shared with a sister because I thought the secret I shouldn’t have been sharing was about work.  So she advised me to block the person on Facebook.  After that I started feeling I was wrong in blocking the person and I even had a dream where I had gladly received a cell phone thinking it was my lost one.  Then someone else brought me another cell phone and told me that was my cell phone, not the first one.  The Lord was showing me that I accepted wrong advice. My friend wasn’t so forgiving after I’d blocked him and he stopped communicating.

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    One thing I’ve learnt is that the Holy Spirit speaks to each of us in different ways. In the past I have mistaken the prompting of the Holy Spirit, because I expected to hear him in the same way others do. My first big lesson in this was when it was my turn to speak at a chapel service. I had carefully prepared my message, in consultation with the Holy Spirit. Just before I gave my message, someone gave a powerful testimony. I made the decision on the spur of the moment to throw out my sermon and instead respond to what had just been said. It was a flop. This way of working spontaneously with the Spirit may work for many, but with me, He speaks in the quiet place, away from the noise of other things that are going on. The Holy Spirit guides my preparation, in imparting to me what He wants to say and He is honoured by that effort and time given to seeking Him and to prepare. The times when He hasn’t given me anything before hand, even after I’ve sought Him, are the times He supplies it at the time through someone else or otherwise, we’ve run out of time and nothing was needed.

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