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Key 13.3- Describe an interesting or unexpected way God has “Fathered” you.


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    When I think of how the Lord has “fathered” me, I go right to some times when He gently corrected me. In the past I have at times been my own worst enemy, going to places I shouldn’t have and involving myself with the wrong people. Through a series of events which appeared like coincidences, God helped me see that where I really belonged.

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    I know as a father that I want to train my kids up to be successful and have good character. God wants the same and he has a lot more power to orchestrate things than we do.

    But in addition to that, I want to protect my kids from harm. I have found myself in physical danger more than once and found that God stepped in and rescued me. That fathering has meant everything to me. I thank Him that I’m even alive.

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    When I first came to The Lord in the 80’s at the age of 29. I had no clue He loved me. They say that you perceive Father God the way your earthly Father was. For me that was someone who was violent and I related the whole Father thing to that. Our home was never peaceful, and so when I came to Him I had no clue what normal actually was. It was like He took me from this world of chaos into a foreign country of normal. It took awhile but He took this girl who was an insomniac , afraid of storms , and other things and began to deliver me and set me on The Solid Rock. He brought order and peace into my life. And I felt His love. The cool thing is I know He loves me and that is the most amazing feeling ever. I feel at home, and love being at home. He showed how normal is such a gift. He fathered me into normality . I don’t know how crazy that sounds.

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    Rev. Frank

    When I think of how my dad “fathered” me, I think of the everyday stuff like bringing me little gifts and taking an interest in whatever I was up to. God, like that, continues to show me how he takes care of the small things and I find it easier to trust Him to handle the large ones, just like a father would do.

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    I am not where I want to be but am where I need to be. Often feel like a 16yr old with a fresh license and declaring “I am ready for the Indy 500!” The good Lord smiles and works with me. May not end up at the Indy 500 but with all the practice He has/will put me through might wind up competing in the Baja 1000 bc that is where my talents truly are. Basically, God has put me where I am today for a reason even though this is not what I would choose. And that is kinda cool.

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    God is always there but not seen. The unexpected part is how willing He is to meet us. The relationship of speaking to me through dreams, visions, and other people.

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    The main ways God has fathered me is through His faithfulness, watchful eye, protecting me, fighting for me and never leaving me alone. Also His unexpected gift-giving…like during the day something will happen randomly and unexpectedly, a blessing of some kind that maybe isn’t even a big deal, it could be a small thing but I just know it is His gift to me. Every good gift comes from Him.

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    He lets me know he pleased with me even when I make mistakes, he corrects me, and he is always giving me inside info in most situations. He doesn’t leave me in the dark but always let’s me know what’s coming next. To me that’s fatherly having the assurance that he will be with me and I will be a part of his next move.

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    His mercy is forever more. I always see God’s forgiveness and His Fatherly love changes me. He corrects in love, and has been so merciful and protects me from destructive events and huge mistakes that are nearly impossible to recover from. His mercy is so great. The Lord is truly slow to anger. I am confident and assured that He will finish the good work that He has started in me. Thank you Jesus!

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    By letting me know through his word that he is with me and his peace that Iam not alone.  Meeting me were Iam.

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    God has fathered me by protecting me, providing  for me and talking to me. A few months ago I was frustrated about finances and I had this dream where Jesus came and asked me, “Do you see my hair ruffled?” I was surprised that he would, just like a father, get tired of all my drama and confront me in a way that I clearly understood. I was so happy to have such a real relationship with him.  I’m glad that it’s not just about the dos and the don’ts.  I have a real relationship with the King of kings and the Lord of lords, hallelujah.

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    We were working as missionaries and had only enough money to cover our very basic needs. For the entire time – for almost 7 years –  we had no medical emergencies, no injuries, no hospital visits and our cars worked unserviced with no issues. When it was time to come home, the money for the plane fares was supplied to us out of nowhere. There is a lot more God provided for us, but these are a few stand outs.

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    When I was very young, maybe 10, I had a dream or it could have been a vision that caused me to be able to walk in forgiveness toward my dad. My relationship with my dad was very contentious; I was not sure why he disliked me so much. I did not know anything about God, but even so He extended His Fatherly grace to me. I saw an open doorway and the light coming from the room was incredibly bright. I walked through the doorway into the room. It looked like a hospital room. In the corner of the room was a single bed and someone was in the bed. They were completely covered by a white sheet up to and including their nose. Their breathing was shallow and labored; my mom use to call it a death rattle. I walked toward the bed, all I could see was the person’s sunken in eyes. Then the sheet fell away, it was my dad. He was just skin and bones. Somehow I knew that I was being “told” that my dad could not help the way he was acting. After that I was able to forgive him. His actions and words still hurt and my siblings still asked me how could put up with it. It was because now I knew that he had nothing more to offer. I believe he hated the way he treated me. When I was 30, my husband and I were visiting my folks. As we were leaving to go back home, I hugged my dad. It was the first time ever. He held me so tight and would not let go. I could feel his regret. Shortly after that my husband was able to lead him in the sinners prayer. I am so grateful to my heavenly Father for the mercy and grace He poured out to me so I could in turn show my dad mercy and grace. I can’t wait to see him again, forever in heaven.

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