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Key 13.2- Assess how you are doing in keeping a dream journal and how you might improve or restructure your dream journaling.

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    I do pretty well journaling dreams. I keep one next to my bed and when I wake up for whatever reason I write down what I remember.

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    I journal too. Often, because of the time it takes to record a seemingly short dream I’ve been inconsistent throughout the years. Recently I’ve started journaling dreams again and focus on capturing what I think are the main (or standout) parts if I don’t have time to write every detail. But I like to keep all details when I can. Also, sometimes I draw quick sketches to help make the dream more clear.

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    I have been doing pretty well keeping a journal lately. I stated writing my dreams in the notes app on my phone. I find it was easier because my phone is always with me, so wherever I am I can write things down and also typing is faster.

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    I am pretty disciplined about it. I talk-text it right into a file on my phone. Then I work on the interpretation when I have the time, but try to do it immediately.

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    I feel I’m consistently disciplined in writing my dreams down in a dream journal. I try to write them down the next morning but sometimes I won’t write them down until the next day (especially on the weekends when my routine is not as solid). I keep a notepad on my nightstand and scribble down main points during the night. This has been valuable in triggering the memory of the dream the next morning.

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    I’m pretty consistent I keep my tablet and notebook next to me at all times even during the day so I can write down my visions while awake too. I find it hard to record all the details though on nights when I have more than 4 dreams. I feel like I start forgetting them before I can record all details. Do you have any suggestions??? Sometimes I know I have 7 or 8 a night but don’t have time to record all quick enough let alone interpret them all..

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    I write down my dreams in a book with the date. But if I can’t write it down immediately I wake up from sleep (because of my schedule), I will record my voice narrating the dream on my phone, and later listen to it and write it down. It has made life easier.

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    I’ve been very consistent in writing down my dreams. When I wake up, I go through the dreams in my mind and kind of record them.  Then when I’m out of bed I write down the dreams.  Mostly I’ll note the number of dreams that I’ve had and keep a tab on each one. Recently, I’ve started typing the main points in my phone because sometimes I can’t recall the details.

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    I write myself a quick note on my phone when I wake up from a dream, then type it up in the morning. Sometimes elements stand out as I type, so I look them up straight away. Then, as I turn it over in my mind throughout the day, I may put some pieces together.

    I’ve just started incorporating my dream journal with my regular journal and prayer journal, to try and make connections to what area of my life God might be addressing. As I revise my dreams a few weeks later, it helps me to remember what was happening at the time and what has happened since then.

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    I record my dreams immediately. I learned the hard way that waiting even a moment can cause me to lose the dream. I write the main points on my phone as soon as I wake up and elaborate on the details as soon as I can get to a computer. I enjoy it so much that recording them is very exciting. I listen for the Lord to tell me to read though my dreams during one of my prayer times. Each time that happens I review and add to the list of common themes that I have identified. During this season (summer 2016 until the present) there seems to be very obvious connections and continuations.

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