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Key 13.1- Share a time in your life when God showed you personally that His way was higher than your way?


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    Isaiah 55:8-9 says “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” declares the Lord. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts.”

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    I can relate to the boyfriend scenario. When I was young I had a boyfriend who I thought was quite a catch. He was good-looking, an exceptionally successful student, and we had a lot in common. The relationship was going well. When he broke up with me, I was shocked and devastated. It took me months to recover, and I think it really affected my self-confidence.

    Eventually after I had graduated, I married a wonderful Christian man. What I hadn’t realized as a young person was the importance of my faith. God clearly had someone for me who was a much better choice, someone I can truly walk hand-in-hand with sharing life from the same worldview, a Bible-believing world view. I was such a fool to think that worldly success was enough.

    I was settling for MY WAY when God knew so much better. Now we’re blessed with worldly success as well.

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    I would like to bring up here that we sometimes are willing to compromise in business dealings such as going into partnerships or working for someone we know is below par.

    I know I have fallen to the temptation to go ahead with something in business when I knew in my spirit that everything didn’t line up right. Every time I’ve done that, things have not worked out right and I have wasted my investment of time and resources.

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    My father died a few months ago. I hadn’t seen him in a year. There are 6 other siblings. Many who hadn’t seen him in over 20 years. All of a sudden they were there and loved him so much. $$$ They caused division even at the funeral and were at his bed side at his death. There were so many issues because of dysfunction. He had Alzheimer’s. But in his early years was so handsome , but an alcoholic. They caused so much drama and  caused everyone to be even more divided. All of a sudden their my moms best friends. And caused division between the family members. One thing though. I begged God to give me assurance my dad would be with Him. I asked The Lord if He would give me 5 minutes alone . I asked my dad. Pops did you ask Jesus to forgive your sins? He shook his head yes. I again asked him. Pops , did you invite Him into your heart? He said yes. Shortly after I saw Jesus wrapped in light at the top of his bed. And angels wing to wing all around his bed. The next night he died. But God gave me assurance where he is. Truly His ways are higher .

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    Rev. Frank

    There was an individual in my life in a past time that was grating on my nerves and tempting me to confront him about a situation that I felt strongly about. The irritation went on for quite a long time. In his presence I was cordial but I knew what he was up to and I wanted to take the whole situation into my own hands and confront and resolve it once and for all…however I was counseled by my wife to let God work this out so we prayed about it regularly and put faith to work rather than my solution. Sure enough God brought it to a head just like a big abscess and I was allowed to “gently” lance  it!

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    Would say the answer is in the totality of misadventures when I meander off to make my own way. In these misadventures have realized the futile nature of my own strength, reasoning, and abilities which usually result in some rather uncomfortable correcting/fixing from the good Lord. Not so much in providing bigger/better opportunities or people but in molding me to be a better (human) image of Him. It is humbling to remember God controls the winds and seas while I can’t even get my cats to listen!

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      Rev. Frank

      Know just what you’re talking about- misadventures, meandering off course…! Thanks for your honesty, humility, and humor. Stay the path.

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    Throughout the years my husband would consult my opinion about job changes (one requiring us to move to another state) and I  am thankful I felt the holy spirit say no to them. They were very respectable jobs and included a six figure income. It turned out one (a well known company) went under due to an investigation and the other shut the office down about a month later! They provided everything a family wants/needs in this world and it didn’t make sense to not take them. God protected us in many ways, especially regarding a move to another state.

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    There are so many times that the Lord has shown me His way is always higher.  When we were buying our home a couple of years ago we fell in love with what we thought was the perfect home. Unfortunately,  we missed out on it but were able to purchase our home a few weeks later. I can see that God had so many reasons for placing us where we are. We have amazing neighbors and can see that this home is exactly where God planned for us to be. We had prayed Isa. 32:18 “My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest.” and Acts 17:26 “From one man He made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and He marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands.” We saw God answer our prayers in a much better way than we had planned for ourselves.

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    Wow. God pretty much reveals this everyday in my life. Jeeeez where do I start. I think the most recent example was my recent job hunting. Many people may not agree with what I am about to say, but I know it is what God’s will was for me without a doubt. I was searching for a job and no matter how many applications I filled out, interviews I went on, or even promises of a jobs from the mouths of the hiring managers none of them panned out. Every single time I “got the job” something mysteriously happened to prevent me from working. At one job after they offered me the position I never heard back from the manager, even after several attempts to speak with her. At another, the day I was supposed to start the job my babysitter literally told me hours before my shift started that they couldn’t watch my son so I could work. And so on and so forth. But the thing is God told me I wasn’t supposed to be working a job. He said to work on the assignments he gave me and to be still and know that he’s God. Everytime I cried about not having money he said “do what I gave you to do”, even though it would not immediately generate income. So in short I tried to put my ways above his but ultimately he shut every door leading to a 9 to 5 job and here I am still beleiving he is my provider. I still have to shut my ears to all the “christians” who say well if a man doesn’t work he doesn’t eat. Although this is true it is God’s work that we are to be doing. Anything contrary will produce rooten food unprofitable to man.

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    This often happens and thank God for His mercy that He saves us from our own weaknesses. But a very life changing event came from a time God asked me to sow into a church financially, but I was hesitant. And finally The Lord took me into a trance, it felt like an out of body experience and He said, “Give this money to the church.” The thing was that, the church was a small church, and they needed some equipment. I was in the area for only one week. And I was traveling soon. So the church was asking for donations often, and people were donating. But the money God asked me to give was just the amount they needed to complete payments. So God was like, “Just do this, so that no one worries again about this”. But I was hesitant because I needed the money on my trip. But I surrendered to God. I never knew that God had to go so far because I was on the brink of missing something. At the trip, someone at the airport came and helped me to get a lot of things. It was wonderful. Afterwards, many other wonderful things began. God was teaching me about giving. Truly, His ways are bigger than ours. I was just realizing how generous God is.

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    God has been teaching me to listen to him especially when I’m awake.  I have been hesitant because my mind gets in the way and I’d so much prefer dreams.  But he has often put me in situations when there is no time to sleep and dream.  Mostly, when I get an impression to do something, which is God’s small, still voice, my mind will opt for the opposite.  For example, I will hear “go this way” and in most cases I’ll question that voice and take the opposite direction. In such cases I’ve found that the way I chose might lead to a dead end and I am forced to go back and take the direction that God had led me.  This has been quite a challenge for me but it seems God is not letting up.  It is for my good and  though I’m not yet there, I’m learning.

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    I used to care for/teach a girl who was severely mentally disabled. One morning, as I was praying for her, God told me to tell her the gospel that day. I had already prepared all our lessons for the day and I had shared the gospel several times before, as much as was possible with her level of cognitive ability. It would mean doing further preparations, in order to communicate to her in a way she could have any hope of connecting with. However, I quickly did the preparations. Observing her level of lucidity that day, in the natural, I really thought we would not get very far at all. However, in obedience, I told her I had something to share with her and could she try really hard to concentrate for a little while. Over the next few minutes, as I shared the gospel with her again, she was the most responsive and coherent I have ever seen her. She affirmed her desire to receive Jesus as her Lord and Saviour. Shortly afterward, she relapsed into her detached state. I was so thankful I had responded in obedience and not made the judgement based on my own understanding.

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    I attended a conference, during the breaks the bookstore was open and I saw a workbook about supernatural finances. Immediately I thought “not another book on finance, ugh” and I bypassed it. After the conference I was listening to the presenters podcast. During the podcast he mentioned that the Lord had asked him to write a book on supernatural finances. He said, “Lord there is a multitude of books about how to get finances”. The Lord said to him ” what if this one is on how to fund the end time harvest?” He said, “that I can do”. I was so convicted. I repented immediately. I had copped an attitude. It is obvious to me now that the Lord wanted me to by the workbook at the conference rate and not have to pay shipping. Now, I will pay full price and shipping. Note to self, ask Holy Spirit “is that You, are You trying to tell me something”?

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