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Key 10.5- Share an example of a word-play dream element.


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    I once dreamed of a “red” colored Bible. Maybe it was speaking of a Bible that has been “read”.

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    It could be a cloudy day, or someone could have cloudy thinking. . It could be cold outside . Or someone could be cold inside

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    Rev. Frank

    My experience is that God uses word-plays that we are familiar with, maybe even some word plays that we use. Sometimes I get an item such as a “jack” for a car that really means Jack, my friend. Or a bill that comes in the mail could mean “Bill” my friend. Many times I get an element that indicates a person or their name. I’ve learned over time that I need to stay open to different elements or meanings as God usually gives me something that I say or hear often so I won’t miss it.

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    Zoo. I dreamed I was driving on a freeway, got lost and ended up driving through a zoo. The reality was that I was felt like the situation around me was a zoo.

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    Great example. Our family has also had several zoo-themed dreams. And zoo symbolized just what you described! God is a kick!

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    When it comes to names one person who showed up in my dream and delivered a message her name is Summer (time table perhaps?) A homophone could be Mike/microphone/mike (military slang for minute or meters)

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    Rev. Frank

    Good examples!

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    I don’t recall having a dream with word play. But an example may be a girl in a dream named hope, actually representative of hope.

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    I had a dark dream where I was driving but had  extremely low visibility and my vision was blocked. I believe it was/is the enemy’s plan to block my ability to see spiritually. I think the word “vision” is a word-play.

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    The name ‘Mary’ may mean ‘marry’ or even ‘merry’ in a dream, depending on the rest of the context OR vice versa . . . ‘merry’ may be a women with the name ‘Mary’ or ‘marry’ OR ‘marry’ can be ‘Mary’ or ‘merry’.

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    My best word-play is : Television = Tell a Vision. Bringing new spiritual insight to the dreamer.

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    When I dream with a person named Julia, depending on the context of the dream, I’ve learned that it often refers to the month of July.

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    Recently I had a couple of dreams that seemed to be about witchcraft – large spiders with lots of legs, a huge black cat with a lady sitting cross-legged on it… Also, a few times I had dreams about two different people I have known called Warwick. I couldn’t work out what they symbolised, but I wondered if the meaning was “war” and “wick”. This meaning seemed to fit with other dreams I’ve had.

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