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Key 10.3- Give an example of an element that God could use as a personal dream element for you and why.


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    After I began sometimes wearing a hairpiece or wig, I eventually had dreams which included me wearing a hairpiece which was crooked or a wig which exposed a poor hair condition underneath. They were prophetically and symbolically accurate so I knew they were from God correcting me.

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    I really like getting outdoors, finding a great path and riding my 10-speed. So I suppose God could work bike-riding into a dream.

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    The pool or any kind of water. I love being by our Lake , Lake Michigan . I love being by the water. That,s my place  where I can just relax and sit in the sun . I love when the sun beats down on my face. It’s like the warmth of  God to me. It’s a place of peace.

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    Rev. Frank

    God could use and has used “drums” as a personal dream element as they are something that I love. They mean something special to me since I started playing as an infant and played fantasized about playing in a big-time band  my entire childhood into adult life.

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    Butterfly. When I was 9 I prayed for a dead butterfly and it was healed. It’s been my only experience raising the dead LOL.

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      Rev. Frank

      Your comment makes me smile. Great example. So do you ever dream of butterflies… as of yet?

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    A bad personal example would be one of my grad school experiences. It was so draining emotionally, spiritually, and physically that I wouldn’t interpret it as a place to learn but as a place of suffering. On a happy note, loved the first car I bought with my own money (89 RS Camaro) so if I were driving such in a dream might take it as a situation that will/or should be enjoyed with a youthful abandon.

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    Rev. Frank

    You’ve got the idea. I feel the same about my one of the cars I bought when I was young- a canary yellow GTO (like the Beach Boys sang about), 389 4-speed. It was a girl magnet. I’ve had dreams about in recent years as well! And school in general is a pretty negative one for me! LOL.

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    Personal dream elements for me are: water, like a large body of water. I love the water. Its where I go when I want to be close to God. My car. I love driving. If i’m in my car in the dreams, then it has different meaning of when I’m driving a different car that’s not mine. I’m a Real Estate Agent, so sometimes I’ll see myself selling something or giving someone a home tour. I also love photography so I will see myself taking photos, or someone would be talking to me about taking photos.

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    I’m into aviation so anything to do with airplanes, airports or pilots could be a personal element for me.

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    I once was given a prophetic word that God was preparing me and giving me a tool belt. This was before I went on a missions trip to Ethiopia. Months later after I had returned from the trip I had a dream where an Ethiopian tool belt was mentioned. I knew it had to do with this prophetic word.

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    I am a soccer player and coach. Often times I will dream about playing or coaching soccer. God will reveal things in my life through that  storyline.

    I once had a more in-depth dream but what stood out was the two coaches in it were named Joe. I looked up the meaning of Joseph and it was to Add To/give increase. Later that day I got a call that a really good player was being added to my team’s actual roster.

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    I had a childhood cat that died about 5 years ago. She was very dear to me. She was not liked by anyone because she was considered mean but there was a soft place in my heart for her. God used this cat to symbolize someone coming back into my life that I loved and missed. The person has a hard exterior but we share a special bond.

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    I grew up in the country and often have dreams set in this location, the farm where I was raised.

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    For me it is a dove. Although a dove is a Biblical element and represents the Holy Spirit, God has a way of declaring His love and the assurance of His Presence to me through this symbol. Many years back when I was all  alone on a farm, I actually asked God “Father, am I really all alone here?” the next moment a dove sang and the words were so clear, I couldn’t miss it: “God loves you, do you hear”; God loves you, He is near.”

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    I study programming in college. So I believe laptops, mobile phones and such gadgets could be personal to me.

    But just to add, I’ve had a dream that I saw a statue: It was an elephant head but with a snake trunk. The dream was so bright and vivid and it’s a dream I couldn’t figure out. So it’s the weirdest dream element I’ve seen till date.

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    I gave a wash towel to a friend who came to visit.  Then we fell out so bad because of a misunderstanding.  When I dreamed that I saw the wash towel hanging in my bathroom, I knew that our relationship would be mended.

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    I’ve lived in different places at particular periods of my life, here and overseas, so God could use these settings to reference something about those particular, for example I was born in Canberra, moved to Sydney for high school and tertiary studies, moved back to Canberra with my husband, went on the mission field in England…

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