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Key 1.5- Describe a time when someone unexpectedly disappointed you and you would have preferred that you had been able to discern a warning.


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    Jeremiah 17:9 says… The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

    We may not be truly aware of what’s in our hearts let alone not knowing the state of another person’s heart.

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    I went on a date in college one night after the guy had hounded me every time I ran into him. In those days I was innocent and naive. I finally said yes and thought nothing of accompanying him into his place. Big mistake. He forced rape upon me. I have done pretty well with handling that, but I do wish God had warned me. Maybe it’s better He didn’t, now that i think about it. I have certainly used the experience to caution younger women and minister to women who struggle with similar experiences.

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    What a question! It seems like you are speaking of my whole life. It’s been one after the next when it comes to people disappointing me. I can be thankful though that in recent years I have had some warnings through dreams. I probably had warning dreams before that, but didn’t realize it, so I won’t blame God for not speaking to me.

    Also, I have to admit that going through all the things I have gone through has taught me a lot.

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    Rev. Frank

    Once I trusted an industry colleague to help two of my clients. I sent them to him for help. He was involved in a scam and I had to cover the losses myself to my clients which was several thousands of dollars (would have liked to see that one coming).

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    Getting people to pull their weight in an academic setting is challenging, and it sure would be nice to know who you can/can’t count on instead of waiting till the night before something is due and the inevitable phone call/email arrives.

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    This past Christmas break my younger brother came in town to visit relatives but he didn’t let me know. I found out on my own via social media. The night I found that out I had a bad dream involving strange people entering the house I grew up in. Turns out my brother had some bad things going on with him that he tried dragging me into during our phone conversation after I called him out on not stopping by. He was bringing up old stuff from the past that wasn’t even relevant to the issue at hand.

    I wish I would of had the dream before I called him. That would of tipped me off to just let it go and not force the issue because he’s not in a good place right now. It was such a distraction for me during the holidays when I should of been focusing on how good God had been to us, and on my family.

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    Rev Lynmarie

    So it sounds like God did bring you insight, but you felt it would have been better if you’d had it earlier. I know that feeling well. But it looks like you learned from the experience to avoid letting things GET TO YOU since we have the option to live in inner peace regardless of the circumstances. From what you describe, you may have been smack in the middle of God’s will in confronting him though. It was a seed planted.

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    A few years ago I was in a situation where I confided in a person whom I loved (and still love), regarding very personal matters. It turned out that her heart was against me and not for me. She used what I told her as a weapon against me and after that I impulsively reacted in the flesh instead of responding in the Spirit.

    The whole situation led to a lot of unnecessary  hurt feelings and looking back, I think I would have preferred being able to discern a warning, because both of us were exactly were the enemy wanted us BUT as always our faithful God came through for both of us and today I can testify with the apostle Paul “And we know that ALL things work together for good to those who love God . . .”(Romans 8: 28a)


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      Rev Lynmarie

      Certainly been there. I know we all want to get to a place where God provides us each and every warning, as much as that’s possible within His will. Glad to here this had a redeeming ending!

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    Several years ago I had a dream about a close friend being in a relationship with a guy (who was not her husband). I naively told her about it. Come to find out, she was actually in a relationship with a guy who was not her husband. This led to her not speaking to me for a few years. Although she later apologized for dropping me, our relationship is not the same (really kind of nonexistent). I wish that I would have been able to know not to just blurt out my dreams. I’m still trying to learn about and understand my dreaming and have since started to say a little prayer for people I dream about.

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    This past winter I found myself in a real financial bind, and I went to my brother (who is a physician and could easily afford to help me out) and asked him for a loan. He did give it but was completely ungracious about it and said some horrible things to me that were absolutely devastating to me. I hadn’t asked him for financial help for over 20 years, and you can bet I never will again! After that I read a post somewhere on this site describing dreams about incest with siblings being a warning that partnering with them in some way could bring a lot of trouble, or something like that. I have had recurring dreams like that about my brother for years, and they have of course always troubled me deeply, and I wish I had known what they signified a long time ago, as dealing with my brother on anything other than a superficial level always seems to bring me pain. I’m so thankful for what the Lord has been teaching me about dreams and for this website and community! He is such a good God to give us the amazing tools and gifts that He does to help us navigate the treacherous waters of this world!

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      Rev Lynmarie

      I can sure relate to that! The worst betrayal I ever experienced was from a brother who showed us how low a person could go. So we ask, “Why didn’t you tell me, God?” We could discuss that one a long time!

      In my case, God did give me warnings, but I didn’t understand them. Again, “Why, God?” Though I had to go through that, I am grateful to join Christ in my suffering, yet glad I have more insight now into the warning language of God in dreams.

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    Some time ago in my younger years, I got involved in some legal trouble that cost me thousands of dollars, my name and reputation. I would have loved a heads up from God, and I carried some bitterness/anger about it for a really long time. Through much prayer and tears, I am over the anger and bitterness, but my reputation and the way I am treated….well it will take time and the grace of God to get through it.

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      Rev Lynmarie

      I can really identify with being misunderstood and accused. Seems like my husband and I have experienced an exceptional amount of that. It’s tough to deal with spiritually because making sense of injustice is more than challenging, especially when it’s personal!

      I try to shift the focus to Romans 8:17-18 since that’s exactly what Jesus experienced- being misunderstood and accused. Now if we are children, then we are heirs— heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory. I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.

      And also, what’s comforting to me is that God CAN redeem the past, and God CAN brighten the future! And I especially thank Him for helping me to understand His personal voice which brings hope concerning avoiding future losses.

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    My first marriage began without seeking God’s will and was to a man that I didn’t know. It turned out to be a terrible situation, and I did not wait upon the Lord or heed the advice of a couple others before making that commitment. Thankfully, Jesus has given me a second chance and I am now married to my most wonderful husband and we have a precious two year old son. Despite all, the testimony of this verse rings true in my life: “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them,” (Romans 8:28, NLT).<span class=”p”>

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    Well, I could name several (LOL) but the biggest one lately was a false accusation made against my daughter by the youth pastors at church. She was exonerated, but it took a direct confrontation with her accusers and the senior pastor to straighten it out. Pretty stressful!

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    A few years ago a long-time friend was asking me for advice during a crisis time in her life. She was seeking my opinion and help frequently, then suddenly she reacted very strangely, saying that she felt the Lord was calling her to silence. I respected that and supported her. I did not call or try to contact her. I didn’t hear from her for a couple of months, then all of sudden she began communicating as if nothing had ever happened. Very strange.

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    I coach and when I refused to take on an unqualified player, whose daddy donated money to the club, I was treated poorly and the director even black-balled my son.

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    About a year ago I felt led to reach out to this guy who I had a crush on. I asked if he would like to get coffee sometime. He never responded to my first message. This sent me into a lot of angest for several weeks. (I had lots of rejection issues from my past and have thankfully been healed from a lot of it since then.) I reached out to him a second time and he responded saying he wasn’t interested. I had a dream after this speaking to me about my feelings of rejection. The dream was nice to have but it would have been nice to have a dream in the middle of it happening.

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    A close relative lied to a friend of mine and made all types of accusations against me. It hurt that I had naively been the one that introduced them, and I believe a dream I had warned me of that very situation. But in stead of the situation making me bitter, it taught to earnestly seek Gods council, discernment and advice even before connecting, or introducing certain people.

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    My children are elementary age and go to a christian school. A while back one of the moms began reaching out to me for coffee, chats etc…. I naively thought she was looking for friends (this was important to me because I was looking for friends). After some time went by it became apparent to me she wanted info from me on other girls in our daughters grade (girls who had troublesome behavior). While she had reason to be concerned about a few class bullies, I felt stupid for thinking she just liked me a wanted to get together to be friends. I felt used and never saw it coming. She is now in the process of leaving the school, and she tried to take my family with her (tried to subtly persuade us to leave). I eventually saw through it, but felt naive that I didn’t see it sooner. I wish I had received a warning. Maybe I did but just didn’t see it.

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    When I was married to an abusive man, I didn’t realize how malicious he can be.  All of his attacks were extremely passive aggressive, and he worked hard to present a good image to all those around me.  When he launched an attack, he also called my friends to tell them *I* had attacked *him.*  He was very convincing, so I took the pain of the abuse AND the guilt of the abuser!  Thank God I’ve found deep healing through a God-led process.

    However, the shock of the attacks–not seeing them coming–was more painful and traumatic than the attack itself.  The unpredictable nature of the attacks broke down my psyche more than anything.  I wish I had been more proficient in the prophetic gifts back then!  It would have spared me a lot of pain.

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    Several years ago, a close relative paired me with a man who she claimed to know very well.  I had a profound dream the night he befriended me on social media.  It had more symbols than my average dream and it also involved him in a scene. Overall, it was not clear that this is the man God had for me, but had me wondering and wanting to learn more about him.  Also during this time, I was anxious and excited for marriage but warned to avoid any counterfeits a year prior.  After I had this dream, I took it to my Apostle/prophet relative (another person) who could not interpret my full dream.  She told me to see how it plays out.  Long story short, I had more dreams during our relationship and it turned out that this man was a deceiver in many ways.  For example, God would warn me about his infidelity in my dream, I told him the particular dream but he would say it was my fears.  After our difficult split, I had a season of confusion b/c I trusted that my older relative knew this man very well and would not allow a deceiver into my life. I was also questioning her values and myself. Ultimately, God worked that situation out for my good.  I took accountability for my part and gained new insight on God’s character, deceit, and what it means to have a heart, love for God & his ways, which would bring discernment.

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    About 5 years ago, when my middle son was being bullied in school. He was half way through kindergarten when I found out through his therapist that 3 boys at his school had been choking, kicking, and punching him on the play ground. I was so angry and hurt at the same time! I asked him, “did he tell the teacher?” He said,”yes, she told me to stop telling and go play.” He thought it was ok for them to treat him like that since the teacher didn’t do anything about it. I removed him from the school immediately and place him in a new school. I couldn’t understand why God didn’t warn me about it but again maybe he did and I didn’t understand the dream. That’s why I’m taking this class so I can have a better understanding of my dreams and visions and I want miss something as important as that. But I thank God for revealing it before something damaging could of happened. It also lead to further testing on my son and we find that he has a rare genetic disorder that effects his whole life and since then he’s been getting the proper treatment he needs.

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    There’s this lady that I met through a friend. The lady seemed to have the gift of prophecy because while we were praying, she said things about me that I had not told anyone. So I trusted her.  I knew she had a financial need and prayed to God to show me whether I should give her money.  I had a dream the same night where her father (who I have never met and who is not in their lives) was standing at the top of a staircase leading up to shops. We were to go up the stairs where her father was standing and he called out to her and she ran away from him.

    When I woke up, I was disturbed by the dream because I knew that was God calling out to her. She had run away from him showing that there was something that was not right about her.  Then I convinced myself that it was my graciousness (her name is Grace) that ran from our father (God) and so I decided to give her some money.  Since then she made a habit of calling me to ask for money.   It became so burdensome that I prayed to the Lord about it and he gave me a dream in which I saw a woman who had manipulated me before.  After a few days, the lady called asking for money and she said things about my future and how God would bless me so that I would have so much money to loan to people and immediately I knew she was trying to manipulate me into giving her a large amount of money, which I now know she would not have refunded.  I’m glad I gave heed to the Spirit of God the second time.


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    I have a co-worker with whom I seem to have a “love-hate” relationship.  About a year ago, whenever I spoke in leadership meetings, she would cut me off or disagree with anything that I said and she would be fairly rude about it.

    Now, we are working together on the same team (she was the lead of a different team before) and I have had to try very hard to deal with her sharp, pointed personality.  The good part is that we are now beginning to communicate with each other about our different ways.  However, the bad part is that she is still rather critical of most things that I do at work.  This is not  personal:  she is critical of almost everyone at work.

    Often I wonder why God has allowed me to work with her.  Interestingly, I’ve learned many things about her and I  keep looking for the good in her, but the negativity coming from her is draining.  What makes this even more difficult is that she is saved and often makes Biblical references about her negative observations about me or others at work.

    This is not one specific disappointment: it is an ongoing matter.  I would really like to discern the purpose of this work relationship; however, I am not aware that God has spoken anything to me about it.

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    I was in a business partnership with a friend and what I didn’t realize is I was actually in partnership with his brother. The terms of the agreement were not honored once I found this out and it caused me great financial distress and the loss of a friend that I had previously trusted. As a result of all this the business became unstable and I eventually lost it. When I look back at the situation I realize the signs were there and I wish I had discerned them before getting into the mess.

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    My ex-husband is a psychiatrist and  my ex mother-in-law a psychoanalyst and they don’t believe in God, in fact they hate God and that’s the reason why I separated, to be able to live my life for God freely. In the first years of my marriage, my ex mother-in-law appeared to be caring and trustworthy and encouraged me to confide in her about my marriage problems. Back then I was a blinded christian who did not understand the spiritual battles that were going on. She was manipulative and controlling (like her son) and used all the information I gave her against me or to fuel strife between me and my ex husband. I know that if I had been in the right place spiritually with God, He would have given me the discernment and revelations. It’s a shame I was not then because God is always speaking to us. Once I got myself right with God and in a place where I had ears to hear what God had to say, I got the warnings and revelations through dreams and visions and it’s never stopped since.

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