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Key 1.2- In a few words, share an experience where God conveyed to you that He knew what was going on in your life. By what means did He do that?


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    the Lord has spoke to me in different ways mostly through His Word, but He has used dreams as well.  I believe that He has allowed my youngest daughter to visit me since her death in 1993.  There are two specific occasions that she visited me through dreams and I believe that God used these dreams to comfort my broken and crusehd heart as well as my crushed spirit.  She appeared to me on two separate occasions in dreams to let me know that she was ok and very happy.  He used these dreams to comfort me and I knew that He was at work in my life.

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    Most recently – over the past few years – he’s taken me back to my childhood and showed me where He was involved in my life and his heart for me during difficult pivotal times that formed my personality. He shared with me a few generational facts from his perspective.

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    One time I visited a church and got a prophetic word. The woman told me that she saw me in a new home and that it was raining and raining, but to know God was with me even in such a season. In reality, I had just moved, and after while, a cloudy unpleasant season followed. I wished I could have changed things, but I held on to the words, taking comfort that God was with me. That though I wished the cup would pass from me,  I knew that God was allowing it for a reason.

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    What comes to mind is a time when I was very upset concerned my job. I had revealed that I knew about something going on that wasn’t right, and certain people were really ticked for fear of the consequences. Some of these folks were unpredictable. I was afraid of retribution or even being fired.

    I had a vivid dream of me in my house. It wasn’t literally my house, but it was beautiful except for the fact that the windows were barred and the doors had multiple locks on them. Out the windows were beautiful views contrasted by bad men at a distance attempting to peer into my home.

    I knew God was telling me that He saw my situation and that I was protected. For sure, it comforted me… and just as the dream showed, I had no worries. In fact, I was blessed!

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    God spoke to me through scripture this week.  Recently, God asked me to be open to a new situation.  I had been really struggling with the idea, even though the situation that is coming will be positive.  Essentially, God has been calling me to a relationship that will require a new level of maturity, vulnerability, and risk on my part.  [Scary!]

    Anyway, as I picked up my Bible to continue where I had left off the day before, I read Mary’s response to the angel when she was called into a scary situation.  The passage I read was where the angel Mary she was going to become pregnant by the Holy Spirit.  At the time, becoming an unwed mother would get a young woman killed.  However, once she heard of what God was asking of her, she responded: “Behold, the bondslave of the Lord; may it be done to me according to your word.”

    That passage reminded me: I have committed myself and my life to the Lord, and am a willing bondservant; that wonderful things come when women and men of God say “yes;” and risk is always part of new situations–God is always overseeing.  My call in this situation, as with all of life, was to be obedient.

    It was convicting, but more than anything it was a great comfort knowing God was so concerned for me.

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    I would always pray. Lord show me what Your will is. The neat things is He always confirms things through dreams and people . For instance. We have custody of our granddaughter and at one time three of them.The night before court i saw the guardian  attorney in the dream. Exactly what she  said  in the dream is exactly what happened. It came to pass  as He showed it in the dream. We were so grateful because there were safety issues involved. Ans one of our granddaughters is still with us. She is the one the dream was about.

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    Rev. Frank

    My wife and I had made plans to partner with an individual concerning the placement and storage of our motorhome on his property.

    We thought was a God-sent blessing, but shortly after confirming our plan to this man, I awoke in the middle of the night with the distinct impression in my spirit that for some reason we should not proceed with our plan to park our RV on this man’s property.

    To my surprise in the morning my wife shared a dream that clearly showed us both that our plan would not work and that we should not precede with it.

    Clearly God intervened by giving me an unction and my wife a dream. God was protecting us from a mistake and inconvenience- a small thing, but nonetheless showing concern and direction and showing his capability in handling the big issues in our lives.

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    Was going through a particularly difficult time and in exasperation thought to myself “how I am supposed to deal with all this?!” Started to walk out of the room, and boom, I heard “Ephesians.” Single word very distinct. So, stopped, turned around and opened up to Ephesians and when I reached Chapter 6 = light bulb.

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    Rev Lynmarie

    Awesome. Love that you hear his voice like that! God speaks in so many ways. Even when it seems He’s nowhere to be found, He makes His love known. This morning we were feeling down about a difficult situation, and I decided to flip on my Pandora gospel channel which I haven’t done for a while. It was as if God was selecting each song… including a lyric that helped me understand that a dream element this week was a promise!

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    It is really awesome you mentioned Pandora and how God reaches you where you are through music! Often have similar experiences with Pandora just bopping along and being struck by a particular song/verse or actively searching for healing/meaning. Call it synchronicity or whatever, but it is really awesome when God uses all sorts of mediums to reach us! Although, billboards with my name and purpose would be welcome too!

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    Back in October 2015 I had a miscarriage. The week before I had it I dreamed that I got my period. I was still pregnant at the time so that didn’t make any sense. The day I found out she was gone was very hard. My husband and I have all boys and she would of been our only girl. We were devastated and even though I knew before hand that this could happen I was not handling it very well at all. That night I dreamed of seeing Jesus with my daughter. He called her His, and He asked about our twins that are 20 months old. He called the twins mine.

    It was comforting to see her with Jesus. It was also comforting to know that God was watching over me and knew exactly what I was feeling and going through.

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    Hi Jamila,

    It was so encouraging to read your post. Mt husband and I having been trying for our first child for about 9 months and and in August I had a miscarriage. I was very confused and depressed. God then revealed that I had a very large cyst on my ovary that needed to be removed. If I had not had the miscarriage, I would not have known about the cyst when I did. Going through the miscarriage was extremely difficult but God revealed a greater plan and he has now given me peace. Since then he has really taught me how to trust him and praise him in the storm.

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    Thank you for sharing! Trusting God is something I also learned in this storm. The bible says that All things happen for our good. His plans are always for our good. God says, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give hope and a future.” I’m leaning on Gods word,which will never change!



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    For sure there is none like You, LORD!

    Near the end of last year as I was cleaning my fridge, I heard in a somewhat stern audible voice the Lord telling me: “Tina, go out of the kitchen”. I went to my husband in his study (which is just next to the kitchen) and said to him: “The Lord said I must come out of the kitchen”. The next moment we heard what was sounding like a bomb and saw only white as lightning struck in the kitchen, exactly where I was standing when the Lord spoke to me. What a faithful God we have!

    Later that day I wondered “Lord, You are Almighty God, You could have redirected or stopped the lightning from striking where I was standing”. But I realized, that wasn’t what He wanted to do. He wanted to show me His caring involvement in my life, in a much more personal way.

    Omnipresent, Eternal, Omniscient Daddy …and He is yours and mine!


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    Rev Lynmarie

    WOW! What an amazing story! I’m so glad you shared so others can be touched by it as well! God is good… all the time!

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    Amen! So very, very good! We love and serve a faithful God indeed!

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    Lynmarie spoke about sometimes when it seems like God is nowhere to be found, he makes his love known. I had an experience once where I was going through something extremely difficult. I found myself one day crying out to God, asking “God don’t you see this, don’t you see what is going on and what they are doing to me?”  The next day my cousin called me and said she had felt led to call me the previous day and was sorry for not calling then. She proceeded to tell me that God wanted her to tell me that he sees everything that is going on. She almost word for word told me what my prayer had been the previous day and encouraged me with God’s word. The previous day (and weeks) it had seemed like He was nowhere to be found but He made his love and omniscience known.

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    Rev Lynmarie

    Thank you so much for sharing that. It’s very close to one of my experiences and don’t you love how God steps in like that from time to time and just let’s you know beyond a doubt that He IS there seeing what’s going on and loving you amidst it. It’s so comforting. Thanks!

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    This happened 2 years ago last fall shortly after I received the baptism in the Holy Spirit. There was an apostle visiting our church one Wednesday night, who had a VERY strong prophetic anointing, and after he spoke people went up for prayer, which I did. I asked for prayer for a certain issue, and he took my hands and immediately began praying and speaking over me regarding an unrelated issue that was much deeper than what I had mentioned. He said the Lord was breaking the spirit of trauma off me, and as I became overwhelmed in the Spirit and all my muscles gave way and I sank to the floor, he said that the Lord was healing my broken heart, all the pain, all the sorrow, “all the trauma…multiple traumas…MULTIPLE traumas.”

    I realized that he was seeing in the Spirit the magnitude of what I’d been through, which no one else would ever acknowledge, always thought I was being melodramatic when I would try to describe to people. I was enveloped in a cloud of the Holy Spirit’s strong love and compassion for me, and I EXPERIENCED for the first time (beyond just knowledge or even an awareness of the Lord’s love) being fully known in that area of my life. That was the beginning of a period of deeper emotional healing than I’d ever experienced through Christian counseling, reading, studying scripture,

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      Rev Lynmarie

      Tears come to my eyes when I read of your pain. So many of us have gone through so very much betrayal and trauma. I praise the Living God for reaching in that day to bring a deep comfort.

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        It was an incredible experience, I’ll never forget it!

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    I was having a difficult day. I felt like a failure. My toddler was fussy in the morning and work was stressful. I was impatient and upset. I cried to God for grace. I needed GRACE, GRACE, GRACE! As I was driving from work to pick up my son, I said another prayer to Jesus of needing grace. I felt a prompting to look at my dash. My dash’s Odometer read: 55,555 miles. In addition, I was driving 5X miles per hour! I remembered that the number five represents grace. I exclaimed praise to the Lord in delight! He heard my prayer! He orchestrated His grace to fill me and opened my eyes to his wonder! I had not looked at my odometer for some time and had not timed any of this. This was a miracle from the Holy Spirit, reminding of His love for me. He loves me! This incidence was not too small for Him! What a good God we serve. Needless to say, the burden was lifted and I did not feel a failure any longer, but believed He is who He says He is. He is a good God, full of grace!

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    Recently, I have really been wrestling with feeling like I can’t move forward in what God has called me to do. I listened to a penetrating sermon about the talents which left me wondering if I had a hidden fear. I asked God to show me clearly. Over the next three days, I heard the parable of the talents three additional times from three additional sources. Everywhere I turned, someone would mention that parable!

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    The Lord called me to a Bible College which was confirmed but had not been given a date to start. Then one night I had a very clear dream in which I saw myself sat at a small white school desk set in front of an old sash cord window which had 8 small panes of glass, with multicoloured curtains. As I watched. The Principle who’d interviewed me appeared and spoke in my ear: ” We know you are to come to the Bible College on the 19th of January!” (it was November at the time). This came with a sense of great peace. So I stepped out and called the College who suggested I come to the College on the 19th of January. This I did and having been met, was escorted to my room where on entering I saw everything that was revealed in my dream. There was the white school desk in front of the sash cord window, with the 8 panes of glass along with the multicoloured curtains. It was amazing!

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    My wife left me (this was the 3rd time) and I was completely frazzled and was driving myself crazy checking up on her. One day I was leaning on the counter with my hands in my bathroom looking at my self in the mirror at how defeated I looked and how everything was crashing around me (again, for the 3rd time in my marriage), just replaying everything in my head and reviewing all of the data and evidence I had collected (but didn’t understand, yet jumped to conclusions on) and God told me “You either trust Me…or you don’t.” I remember looking up and saying “God but” and again He said “You either trust Me….or you don’t.” At that moment I broke down and turned it all over to Him. I stopped doing the investigating into what she was doing and checking up on her and left it in His hands. Several days later (can’t remember the time line) I was still frazzled and discouraged and was getting into the shower when I asked God “This is the third time I’ve been through this, what would make going through it again and not giving up, worth it?” God answered me and said “What if you never had to go through it again.” I remember thinking, “yeah, yeah that would make it worth it.” That took place about 7 years ago and ever since then our marriage has been stronger than ever. I believe that, pending I don’t do anything stupid like adultery, I will not go through that ever again. There has been many occasions and situations where I’ve recalled God’s words “You either trust Me…or you don’t”.

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    I was feeling especially hopeless one day regarding an on-going prayer request. The Lord speaks to me often through music and that’s exactly the love language He chose to encourage me with that day. Two songs, back to back on the radio had the theme of “it’s not over”, and “don’t give up”.

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    For me mostly I think through peace that surpasses understanding in the midst of the storms ?

    One thing I just remembered was a day last year where I was particularly downcast and I was walking by a guy busking and the very words he sang as I walk by were “open up your heart and let my grace come in”.  I thought that was very precious that His encouragement came to me this way ☺️

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    One of the ways God speaks to me is through the voices of others. Someone will say something and the phrase or sentence will stand out. Last week I found out both my Grandparents were sick and we were thinking they could have phenomena. I was scared because phenomena is dangerous especially for older people. When I was at work I overheard this conversation my boss and a coworker were having. The coworker said something like “Well everything works out” or “Everything is going to be ok.” Those words just stuck out and I felt like God was saying that He had the situation under control. Later that day we found out my Grandparents just had an infection that wasn’t as serious and both of them are doing better.

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    I was feeling overwhelmed and unappreciated at a previous job. I felt like there was no joy in my work anymore and I was ready to quit. Around this time a Random customer that I have never seen before came in and complimented me for about 30 minutes nonstop one day while I was working. She was a christian and for literally 2 hours she stood next to me while I was checking customers out and shared her testimony, encouraged me and spoke life over me. I know God sent this women to build me up and let me know he had not forgotten about me. He reassured me that He loved me and had a plan for me.

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    During a really difficult time, I signed up for a “scripture of the day” type of email.  It was uncanny how each and every day spoke directly into my life.  It was my lifeline in a situation that was meant to bury me.

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    LaTonia Hooks

    Hello:  I prayed to see what I needed to post to answer this question.  In July 2011, my husband and I were assaulted by our son using a chemical that caused 3rd degree burns to our face, neck, chest and arms. The areas on my body were damaged all on the left side; left side of my face, neck, middle of chest and left back side of my arm closer to my shoulder. My son was experiencing traumatic destress from an attack he encountered about a year prior to this happening to us.  So, he was on a downward spiral at that point and time in his life.  We all saw and knew something was wrong! I tried to get him some medical help, but the cost was too expensive for me due to him no longer being insured on our medical plan.  With that being said, my husband and I believe this is what lead up to the attack on us.  I arrived from work around 5:30 pm and my husband had already arrived home and was sleeping. I walked into my room preparing to unwind and change into some clothes that were more comfortable.  I was also on the phone talking to my daughter, who was in Missouri at the time. While talking to her, I heard my son call my name (mom). As I turned to answer him, he immediately began pouring a substance on my face starting from the top of my forehead.  The solution (chemical) ran down the left side of my face, eye, neck, shoulder and chest. At the time, I didn’t know what it was.  I remember asking my son, “what are you pouring on me?” He never answered.  In my mind, I was thinking it was hot cooking oil that he had heated in the microwave. At first, it felt very slick and oily, I thought.  As I pondered for about 2 seconds, it began to heat up and it started intensifying until I had to run to the bathroom to put water on my face. It was burning so badly, I started to scream! While I was tending to my face, my husband came running out of the room and fell in the foyer. He was screaming he was on fire and could not see! I stopped tending to myself and turned my focus to him. I helped him get to the bathroom and called for my other son to bring me an ice pack and help my husband by putting water on him.  All of this was going on simultaneously! I remembered asking to God, what am I going to do?  Everyone was in a panic and I had to gather myself to determine what I needed to do next.  I remember the Lord speaking to me. He said, dial 911 and do not tell them what has happened, but for them to send an ambulance because an accident had occurred.  I followed those instructions.  As I left my room and started back to the bathroom, the Lord spoke to me again and said these words, “forgive him for he knows not what he has done!” When I heard that, I began to weep so deeply and I began saying, Lord, I forgive him I forgive him, I forgive him!! Those words grabbed my heart and I could not let go of them.  Meanwhile, the paramedics had arrived and they were asking all kinds of questions trying to figure out what to do with us.  Because we kept saying that we were burning, it was decided upon to take us to a burn hospital.  We were air lifted to a hospital in another city about 3 1/2 hours away if driven in a car.  This was a horrific act, but because God intervened and spoke to me, is what really helped me.  This is a short version, but there was a lot more that could have been said.  I believe that this was something that the enemy meant for bad, but GOD turned it around for our good.  The means that God used to minister to me was HIS own voice!  I heard Him speak the word to me very clearly in His audible voice! That is what helped me the entire time.  I said, God, since you chose to speak the words you spoke while on the cross, I knew then that he would bring us through this.  That gave me some comfort and peace knowing that He was with us! This assured me that He knew what was going on in my life and that He had a plan to bring us through it.  My husband has been revolutionized in his walk with God. He has become closer and obedient to Him. Our marriage has been strengthened and revitalized like never before! My family has been changed!! We as a family, thank our God every day for his amazing love and grace He has shown us since this all happened.  This could have been more tragic than it was, but GOD!!! If you see my face now, you will know that it was God’s doing.  Although, I have a little scaring, it is not noticeable as 3rd degree burns, but maybe first degree! We praise God for all He has done and is doing in our lives.  My son is totally a different person now! God has changed him so much and we are looking forward to being reunited as a family once he is released from paying the price for the crime he committed.  GOD has this!!!!


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    God is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient! As Lynn stated in the lesson, “He is limitless!” I have experienced God speak and give confirmation in many different ways into my life. He has used dreams, voice, people, music, scriptures, memory, and visions. I believe God speaks to us in ways that He knows we will receive, He knows his creation best.

    Smiling, I asked God to lead in which one I should share and just as I finished typing the 1st paragraph He placed it in my mind (memory). About 11 years ago, I was reading Joyce Meyers book, “How to Hear From God.” To make a long story short, she told you to go and pray and ask God to reveal your callings and/or gifts. The first night I dreamed and in the dream the dream came true. I thought ok, the next night same prayer again and dreamed the same way just different scenario. The 3rd and final night I said to God, “If I dreamed it again the exact same way I know that he is confirming that I am a dreamer.” It happened the exact same way, I dreamed a dream and in that dream the dream came true -confirmation. I knew God was confirming to me a gift I have had my entire life but questioned if it was from him or not.

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    Last year summer, a prophet told me, “Your dreams are dead, but God will awaken it”. I didn’t believe him 100% because it was a weird prophetic word to me. Well, a few months afterwards began my journey into understanding dreams.

    Another one, I had a dream that told me that my job will soon change and in my next job, I will be loved so much. I had no idea what the dream meant because an element in the dream was a friend so dear to me. So I couldn’t figure out what she meant. When I was faced with a decision of working in a new place, I checked my dream journal and found out that God already told me a week before and it was a very good job. Thank God.

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    I was going through my divorce back in 2001 and some parts of it were not very pretty: we argued a lot.  I was deep in depression.  After one very loud argument that carried on outside, and led to him driving off after cursing me, I dissolved in tears on my front  porch.  I prayed a desperate prayer that God would just help me get through this horrible time.  My kids were inside the house and I knew they were frightened by the yelling.  Help me, God, please help me!  I prayed with my head down and eyes full of tears.

    Suddenly, I felt something like a steel rod move up from my lower back to the top of my shoulders and my neck.  Something was standing me up straight!!  I stood up and my tears ceased and the most amazing calm came over me!!

    I calmly walked in the house with a smile on my face and began to prepare dinner.  I remember my children looking at me as if to say, “why isn’t she crying like before?”  But my tears had ceased from that moment on because God, in His infinite love, had mercy on me and gave me the ‘peace that passes all understanding.’

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    I was in college and I had just broken up with my boyfriend.  It was very stressful because I had left a non-believing boyfriend for this believing one and now he had left me.  The worst part was that  I had allowed my feelings for the brother to run so deep and I was angry that I had been so out of control.  Also, so many people knew that we were dating and I could feel their sympathy.  I asked God to show me what to do as I became suicidal.  One day I said a short prayer telling God that if he didn’t help me I was going to lose my mind.  I was going up the stairs of our hostel when I met a sister carrying a book.  I asked her to let me have a look.  It was titled Love Must Be Tough by Dr. James Dobson.  I asked her if I could read it and she gave it to me even though she had just borrowed it from the Christian Union library.  The message in the book helped me to get over him in a weekend and move on with my life.  That book helped me know that God cared for my deepest hurts.

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    Quite often, God gives me 3 prompts about the same thing, but from different sources. Once it gets to the third incident of the same thing coming up, He has my attention – I know it’s not coincidence.

    One memorable time, 8 years ago now, God did this in a lightning bolt way to bring healing and deliverance from oppression I had been suffering under for decades. It was a Sunday, and instead of receiving 1 instance of a group of 3, I received 3 instances of 3 and 3 instances of 6. These came as elements of hymns and songs, spontaneous inspired words given, Scripture from my own personal study and from others at church, communal prayers, and sermons and messages given in different settings throughout the day. I had a racing heart and goose bumps the whole day, because I knew God was speaking directly to me about something. It was amazing – I just kept writing everything down so I could sit with it the next day and consider what God was telling me. This quiet time with him, reviewing and praying through all the pieces, is what brought me miraculous deliverance.

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    I was in high school and having the worst year of my life. I  went to a new school and didn’t have any friends so I was lonely and depressed. One day when my locker partner was home sick from school I found a note taped to the back of the locker. It was a note from Jesus saying that he was with me always and longing to have relationship. It was signed your friend Jesus. I asked my locker mate if she put it there and she said no and she was the only one who knew the combo besides me. I put it in my binder to take home and show my parents and it disappeared. I feel like God was comforting me in by letting me know how much he cared.

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