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Key 1.1- Describe briefly one dream you had, noting what you think its origin was and why. If a soul dream, note which kind.


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    I dreamed I was bitten by a copperhead snake as I was trying to open the gate which leads out of my backyard.    The night before the dream my dog had discovered such a snake in the backyard at the doorsteps leading onto the backpoarch.  My dog was bitten and had to stay at the vets for several days.  I believe this was a soul dream. I was reliving the finding of the snake and the fear when I discovered my precious pet had been bitten.  The vet shared with me had my dog not been a large dog, the snake bit could have killed him.

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    I had a dream where I was eating spiders – they were all over the house!  At the time, I was doing my annual Christmas baking.  I made 70 dozen cookies, 10 batches of homemade cinnamon rolls, and more.  In years prior, it was fun work–I loved making all of the cookies!!  The year of the spider dream, however, I was exhausted from a lot of other things that were going on in life.  I just didn’t have the energy for it, and the baking felt like an exhausting chore.   Even though I did it willingly, I felt like the cookies were “crawling” all over the house harrassing me!  LOL!  And I was overeating them, besides.  I realized I needed to cut back significantly after that year.  That was a soul dream, because it came out of my subconcious and helped me make sense of how I really felt about all of those cookies.

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      So glad you don’t take on fear! We’d be interested in the coloring of this dream, although the course addresses that in a later unit.

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    Speaking of death, Marcie, I had a dream that I was with our daughter in a hotel and I had a vision that she died. I began to gather some people to pray. Somehow in the dream I then knew it would work out. In fact, she would be all the better for it. It would be no problem that she resurrects, like that was a routine thing.

    Time passed. Never knew what it was about but it never left me. Sure enough, our relationship with that very daughter hit a bump and she has cut me out of her life. That’s a kind of death, isn’t it? Thankfully, the dream prophesies that things will be restored after prayer. I know the dream was from the Lord and I continue to pray as it suggested, and I stand in faith and peace for a new day in our relationship.

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      Marcie, Wow, what a disturbing dream! I’m so glad that you have some understanding! That most certainly would stick with you, another sign you’re on to something when you say it’s from God.

      Sounds like you understand that your husband in the dream most likely represents something you are partnered with such as a ministry, business, etc. rather than himself literally. That should help you perceive some possibilities as to what this dream applies to along with other clues such as the type of crash- a kind of demotion is involved.

      It’s comforting and encouraging to know that after the life-blood is drained from whatever this is, you are able to pick up and go from there following the Lord’s guidance! He has a bright future for you! …Lyn

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        Wow Charlie, What a heart ache. I guess the Lord knew how it would impact you and therefore provided a symbol that would relate to your feelings about it. If it’s any consolation, my eldest daughter has done the same thing…our relationship is now strained. More than that, she’s living in compromise now and it aches my heart. When I pray for my daughter I will pray for yours too :). God bless you!

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      Thank you for asking about the color of the dream. This dream was very brief and not filled with anything more than the pavement and the flattened vehicle in front of me.  The vehicle was cobalt grey. The same color as a truck we currently own. What was noticeable was the round, flat shape of the wreck. Glass surrounded the circle. My husband inside. I did not see the blood but i felt it fill my skirt. I had a sense it was dark red/brown but i don’t remember seeing it. What really stood out was the very bright light that the Lord and I started walking into. I was watching myself walking into it with the Lord.

      I do not have a direct word from the Lord, but I believe that He’s speaking to the end of my Executive Director role at a non profit that he called to me to three years ago. I have put all my energy, blood, sweat and tears into growing the llc into a non profit primarily at my own personal expense. It will be difficult to walk away at this juncture since we’re only 6 months into its formation as a 501c3 and have many projects in the works. I went back through my emails and discovered that I emailed my acceptance of the role on 5/21/2012. My dream of the flat truck came to me on 5/19/2015. Practically three years to the date.

      Oh, and BTW, I did have momentary feelings of fear afterward when I was trying to determine if this was literal, or if my husband represented something I loved and was partnered with. 🙂

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        That makes sense to me, Marcie. I feel you are right about the application of the dream. The colors seem appropriate. If you really felt the wreck was round-shaped, this would additionally describe the application of the dream, the non-profit, indicating a cycle that has been going on and on, but is not flat and broken. I could say that God has something better for you, but you already know that… it’s still hard. Been there.

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    I dreamed that I was flying a kite which turned into a beautiful star which fell from the sky. It was coming right at me but I wasn’t afraid. In real life, God knows I hoped for a husband. The right man came into my life shortly after that dream. I felt like the dream had prophesied my coming husband… and I was right! Hallelujah!

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    I was at some type of gathering and there were elevators . The Lord told me to get on the elevator. I said, Lord! I don’t like small places. He told me go get in and so I did. The cool thing was the elevator had tons of room . I was taking this refreshing shower and the whole time its flashing 777 during the dream. So I get up to the top floor and The Lord says to me. I want you to go and bring others on the elevator too. And the whole time it’s flashing 777.

    I knew it was The Lord’s voice. He gave me instructions and when I didn’t want to go in the elevator – He reassured me it was going to be great. He again gave me instructions when I got to to the top floor. I just knew in the dream it was his voice.

    I knew it was a prophetic dream regarding my calling. Thanks, Char

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      I love that dream! The 777 is such a match to the elevator, and both so positive! When we break down the Biblical symbolism of 7 mathematically, we see 4 + 3. Four is the perfect world number (4 directions, 4 seasons, etc.) and three is the perfect divine number. Put together, they make 7, signifying the coming together of perfect earth and perfect heaven, completeness through the union of earth and heaven.

      The you have triple that number and the elevator taking you to the highest spiritual level! Tell me about your calling!

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        Thank you so much for even being interested. Well , for many years I prayed and in the 90’s I received my first prophetic word about my calling. This man who is a prophet/ pastor prophesied to me that I was a prophet/ intercessor. I knew I liked to pray , but had no clue what a prophet was. Of course through the years of crushing and many more confirmations I am finally feeling comfortable in my skin. I used to call it the p word . Because first off why would God call me to that. I didn’t understand that the crushing was the process and preparation. My hubby and myself were licensed through Christian International in 2010 and ordained 2 years ago through them.  It was confirmed many times that we would raise up 5 fold ministers. There have been trickles of training people online and on location through Dr. Hamon’s curriculum . Yet I know it’s yet to come into existence of what has been spoken to us. I will be graduating this Saturday with a Bachelors in Theology through Agape Love Bible College in Milwaukee and am continuing on to my Masters .We have been also ordained through Agape Love Bible College . My husband a pastor and myself a prophet. I went to a school of the prophets online and on location for 5 years. I did intercession for her ministry and also moderated the classes. Whats neat is the amazing people God has put in our lives.I love Gods language of dreams  and His prophetic  gifts and callings. I’m really loving this class. Thank you for being interested and asking and even caring. Sincerely, Char

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    Rev. Frank

    I actually had a dream last night that may have been from my soul or from the dark side to confuse me. Though it was vivid while I was dreaming, it lost impressiveness as the day has gone on. The main thing that makes me think it wasn’t from God is that it seemed to ramble on and on with many little events, none of which seem to come together to make any sense or deliver any message which would come from the God I know.

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    Was sailing on calm crystal blue ocean waters with no land in sight from any direction on a beautiful sunny day. Decided to start jumping off the sailboat into the water, and each time went a bit higher up the mast of the ship and deeper into the water. Finally, climbed to the very top of the mast (had to be about 10 stories, it was really high) and jumped into the water and dove so deep that making it back to the top was a struggle and emerged at the exact moment I couldn’t hold my breath any longer.

    Figure this is a spiritual dream because of the vivid nature of the colors, feelings, and also the rest of the dream’s context that isn’t mentioned.


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    Rev Lynmarie

    That tells me a lot about you as a person and your spiritual destiny, and it’s all good… very good!I’d say I’m impressed, but to God be the glory!

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    Lyn, would say “thank you” but you are absolutely right, whatever it is I am/will be is all God!

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    The night before last I dreamed that there was a man in my bedroom window. He was rummaging through my things. He was searching through black garbage bags that were in my room. He looked up at me and told me that he wanted the coat I was wearing. I was wearing my heavy coat. That coat has sentimental value to it and its really my only coat. I was standing there in my coat fully zipped up. I looked at the man and told him “No”, that I would not give him my coat. He then pulled up his shirt and showed me two guns he had.

    I believe this dream was a Spiritual Dream. I believe God was warning me about what the enemy was planning to do. It was a warning, but it also was meant to give confidence that my coat, is my covering, my protection. The enemy couldn’t take it from me. He couldn’t even use the two guns he had on me. I am currently being faced with two different things. This dream gave me confidence that although the enemy may seem scary, he can’t take what’s mine.

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      Super example. You totally nailed that you were not to give up your protection even when the enemy is in your face! That’s right, the enemy can’t take what’s yours! Great encouragement for everybody.

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    In this dream I had, a woman was drawing blood from me. It seemed like she was drawing every drop of blood that was in my veins. I woke up disturbed and exhausted.

    I believe the origin of the dream was from my soul where my soul was reviewing and trying to process a conflict situation between me and someone I was working with.



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    Rev Lynmarie

    I would like to revisit this dream after you are further in the course. Very interesting dream. I’ll come back to this.

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    Thank you so much Lynmarie, I would like that as I can still remember (although it was a few years ago), how it felt like this person drained the “life” out of me. By God’s grace the problem was solved, we could work together in peace and today we love and respect each other with sincere hearts. I also learned through that dream and situation that it isn’t wrong to set up Godly boundaries.

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    A guy from my childhood church called me. First we chatted with small talk. Then he wanted me to do him a favor. He asked if I had his phone number. Then he was trying to describe his address. He didn’t say the number but he called a street name started with an “H”.  I think it was Halsted. He kept saying its 3 blocks down and 3 blocks past. He asked if I had his number then when the thought came that I could get it from the Caller ID he said oh I’m calling from my mother’s phone. He seemed confused as to whether it was a house phone or cell. He seemed like he wanted me to call someone for him but he never got to the point before I woke up. This dream reminded me that I had a dream about 6 or more months ago about his twin sister.  I don’t remember specifics now but it seemed that there was meaning to it. I think she was directing a choir at church. I had given her a compliment (don’t remember exactly) about being nice or good or pretty or something. She made reference to the fact that it was extremely hard growing up in the their house and that people thought it was perfect but it wasn’t.

    I am not sure but I thought this was a Spiritual dream and that I was supposed to pray for the family. I thought this because the guy wanted me to call someone for him, maybe God.

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      Rev Lynmarie

      The dream DOES look to be prophetic but his first name may unlock the true meaning of the dream. What is it?

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        His name is DeWayne. As I just looked up his name on Facebook to see how to spell it I realized that is spelled the same as my dad, who always made a point of making people capitalize the “W” in his name.

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    This is a dream from last July, in which I saw a pirate with his left front incisor missing, who looked like my friend G. He was grinning his rakish sort of grin that he does in real life. He was wearing a black 3-cornered hat like pirates used to wear. He had a scruffy short beard and was wearing slightly disheveled dark clothes.

    I believe this is a prophetic dream from the Holy Spirit to give me information about why my friend G didn’t respond to hearing biblical truths, to help in my ongoing spiritual warfare for him. He was missing the ability to receive information (left front incisor), he was an outcast from society and a rebel, he was involved in dark things, etc. His maturity (beard) had some issues and he wasn’t taking care of his spirit (clothing). Every element of this dream fits the state G was in at the time and the dream was very helpful in giving me understanding about how to pray. (The tooth is now growing in… sloooowly.)

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    Rev Lynmarie

    Great job nailing that! Your interpretation makes so much sense.

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    I was at a conference.  There was a lady up front teaching on mothering.  As she spoke I saw a childhood friend standing before me.  No one else seemed to notice her so I thought maybe she was a vision.  She was the age I knew her as a child and she was very emaciated.  She had come to say goodbye.  I realized she meant she was dying.  I began weeping but tried to stay quiet not to disturb anyone around me but no one seemed to notice.  I nodded to her.  She said goodbye and that she loved me.  Then she asked if I would hold her.  I held her like a child until she died.  The vision then ended and I was in the conference again.  I was crying deeply but quietly but again no one seemed to notice.  Then I looked at the lady teaching and realized she knew my friend but wouldn’t have known she had died since she was teaching.

    I’m not sure if this is soulish or prophetic.  The night before I had been looking at pictures of this friend on facebook (of her, her sister and her mom – whom I have not seen in many years.)  She had had a disease related to muscular dystrophy as a child and she is well now but very small and has features that were marred by the disease.  I was friends with her during the diagnosis through the debilitating effects and then she took experimental medicine and recovered.  I don’t know if I had this dream based on my thoughts since I was pondering her before I fell asleep or if this was a prophetic dream.  If it is soulish I’m not sure why I would have dreamt of her as dying as she beat the odds and is very much alive and well.  It was during a night when I had many dreams and this was in the middle.  The other dreams had many prophetic aspects to it so I wonder if this is prophetic as well.  This is one night I am still working on understanding.

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      Rev Lynmarie

      I’m glad you brought this up. No question this was prophetic. God was talking to you about something dying in your life, something you’ve held onto pretty tightly, but which needed to go. Looks like it had to do something with motherhood, either your mothering or being mothered. Also, most likely about strength. Does this make sense?

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    I had a dream about my brother crying profusely because my husband is not in good terms with him. Then he handed me his keys, his wallet and his phone and said I am going now- as in dying. then I take hold of him and pray over him rebuking the evil one. As I am holding his hands and open my eyes I see myself holding a statue’s hands actually.

    And oh I would like to add that I think this dream might not be from the soul, as it didn’t cause fear in me and I can remember it clearly. Is that the correct way of decoding Lyn?

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      Rev Lynmarie

      Where it was from would depend on several factors, but it’s conciseness and impressiveness makes it appear to have a spiritual source, as well as the ending. To determine the origin, I would take the coloring/brightness into consideration, and also the possibility that the brother symbolizes something.
      What is your brother’s first name? What things stand out about him? What’s going on in his life? Is he your only brother?

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    A few nights ago, I had a dream that my husband and I were in a large crowd. A prophet of God who was standing on the stage spoke out first to my husband and said: “You are Jerome.” Oddly enough, this is not my husband’s name. Next he pointed to me and said that others will be drawn to “His light within me.”  I looked up the name Jerome and found that it means “holy.” My name means “the clear and bright.” I believe that this was a prophetic dream and that the Lord is speaking of some of His characteristics in us working through us to bring Him glory.

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    Within the last month I had a dream in which I was in a big house (not my own) with a bunch of kids (not my own) and my mom was there with me. We were all together in this big room where we would sleep and she said, “Just wait until tomorrow night when we get to stay in my grandfather’s place across the street. It’s _________.” (I can’t remember the exact words but it was something to the tune of it being so nice, really huge, etc.) Then she commented the place used to be nice, but it had gotten very run down over the years, but now they had fixed it up and it was really nice/awesome.

    I am thinking this is a spiritual dream? I had not talked to my mom recently and probably wouldn’t talk to her about in-depth spiritual things, so I wouldn’t think this came from my soul. It was a good dream.


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    Saw myself looking on a group of people which I sensed represented the Church. I was perched above them on a long horizontal pole and as I looked on this group my Apostle entered in and looking up at me said: “You, come down and pray with this one!”, pointing to a young man” This was an intrinsic dream as it was about me, which was showing me that their was particular young man the Lord wanted me to intercede for.

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    The dream I had was actually the dream that caused me to search out dream interpretations and end up signing up for this course. Previously I thought it was from the Lord, but now I am thinking it was a soul dream that was describing the current events of my life. It took place at the airport where I have my business (I live in Africa) and involves a guy with whom I am trying to do business with (Carl). There is an event going on at the airport, a foot race or marathon of sorts (but I never actually see it) and people are sitting in these shack type rooms with tables and chairs, along the runway watching the event. My dad is there watching. Here is the dream as I wrote it down the following morning “I was at the airport with Carl and we were at some sort of fund raiser / charity event. Carl seemed to be a prominent figure at the event and I was helping Carl and walking around, and we even went up for a flight in the caravan. There was a lady in the airplane, can’t remember who she was but she was standing in the doorway of the plane with the door off and she was falling out and then catching herself. I said to whoever I was with (and I can’t remember who it was) “that lady is crazy”. The lady heard me and said “you think I’m crazy”. I then noticed she had a black safety belt attached to her and the plane, but I swear it wasn’t there before. I was walking around the cabin (big caravan heh?) and was standing up when Carl landed the plane (weird plane because he was flying it not from the front cockpit but from in the middle of the plane.) we landed and then I got out and started walking around the event (I was barefoot for some reason). It’s a bit fuzzy but I remember Carl showing me an office with somebody in it but he was busy – an African gentleman. Carl left and I was walking around and saw people in a group from my hometown in Mississippi, but it was people I sort of knew but not really. They were wearing matching shirts and seemed to be taking place in the charity somehow. Seems like their shirts had something to do with fishing and were purple. Anyway the next thing I remember the event was empty, except for me and 1 or 2 other people cleaning up. Carl came up and was cleaning up I asked him how I can help. We were then outside next to the room where people were sitting watching the event (I think it was a marathon or race or something). Carl then led a meeting, and some other people were in attendance, one family who were missionary sorts, the dad was a doctor. Some of my hometown people were in this meeting. Carl then told me that he is going to discount me on our renewal fees, or something like that which didn’t make sense to me. But I remember there were snakes on the ground. Big and long white one with orange lightning shaped stripes (florescent – same as a fishing lure I have) like a python or something. I must of woken up st this point as I don’t remember anything else.”

    The reason I now think this is a soul dream is because it really describes the events and things going on with this business deal. The marathon describes the never ending process of trying to strike a deal, Carl flying from the middle because he seems to let his girlfriend make the decisions (who seems to be the crazy woman falling out of the airplane and then catching herself and pulling herself back inside) and Mississippi because I’m homesick. I’m not sure about the white python though, other than the place I live is 99% Muslim.

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    Dreamed I was waiting at a school bus stop one morning. It was cold/breezy out. I saw the bus one stop sign away and was relieved b/c I really needed to get to school early to prepare for a project. I pulled out my wallet to be ready to pay but the bus drove past me! I tried to flag it down. I wondered why?! Maybe it was intentional or there was no room for me on the bus? I felt defeated, no chance of getting to school early now. I looked up the street, and a neighbor (tall, muscle man) was at the bus door, yelling at the bus driver to pull over. The bus driver refused. The neighbor took the entire bus by its side railings/guards and threw the bus down on it’s side. I was stunned and smirked in disbelief.

    I believe the dream is from God. It was daylight outside and the neighborhood man fought a just fight for the me, while I was unable to fight for myself

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    I dreamed I was with a friend. I was sitting at a table and my Bible opened to the story of Jesus speaking “peace” over the storm. As I sat at the table my Bible fell to the exact place of this story. Then I left her home but realized I left my red shoes with her. They were really expensive shoes. I went back to her house to get them. She was reclining on a sofa and the shoes were  behind her on top of the sofa. She commented that she liked my shoes, so I asked her if she would like to have them. At first it seemed that she would take them but then she showed me her red platform sandals which had 2 sets of 3 brass buttons on the ankles and the were not comfortable.


    I believe this dream was from the Lord because the color of my red shoes was a deep, brilliant red and the dream gave me insight how to help this friend.

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    I had a dream I had two sets of eyebrows and they were really busy but distinctly two sets because they had two different types of hair. I believe this is a spiritual dream.

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    I had a dream that I was talking to a woman I didn’t recognize. She had prophetic words for me. She said I was effervescent and that I always find myself in Potiphar’s wife situation. I forgot the third word she gave me and in the dream I asked God what it was. I then saw a kite and he said I was like a kite, I always catch the wind.


    I knew this dream was prophetic obviously because the woman gave me prophetic words and I also prayed in the dream for the third word and the Lord gave it to me. I didn’t understand at the time why the woman said I was in Potiphar’s wife situation. After talking to some friends I realized I had been deceived and was believing a lie about things going on in my family. I was thankful for the dream because it helped me get out of this lie.

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    I had a dream that my sister bought pizza for my family. I was hesitant about eating it because of my digestive issues but decided I could have 1 cheat day since I had been sticking to a strict diet. I believe this is a soulish dream because My sister had bought a pizza for her self and shared it with me a couple days before. I was surprised that I didn’t have a sever reaction because I have digestive issues in waking life.

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    This dream is about a pastor I had been receiving counseling from. I dreampt I was laying on bed filled with women. It was a like a room that was all bed, and random women were laying (with clothes on) all over this bed. The pastor came over to me and ran his finger down my outer thigh. It was very subtle, but noticeable. I can’t stress enough how subtle it felt…yet I knew what I felt him do. I interpreted this dream to be from the Holy Spirit warning me to stop counseling with this pastor, which I did.

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    LaTonia Hooks

    I was at a church service and Apostle Faison was ministering. He made an alter call for everyone to come. He was going to minister to everyone. There were lots of people there. The line was very long. As I started to go to the alter, there were others who made it there before me. My Pastor started walking towards a chair near the alter and sat down. I asked her, “Would it be out of order if I sat with you?” She said no. I sat down, but got up to use the restroom. The first restroom was okay, but it looked like it was for the Apostle to use privately. I went to the next restroom and the toilet had overflowed. It had white shredded paper in the toilet. I tried to flush it, but the water started to rise and overflow. I went to the 3rd restroom and the toilet had overflowed there as well. Water was all over the floor. I walked out and when I saw Deacon Daniel and Brother Drummond, I told them about what I saw. I went back out to the service and the line had shifted.  The Apostle had prayed for others and when I looked to see where he was, he was sitting down in a chair as if virtue had left his body from praying for the people.  I had gotten a recorder trying to turn it on. I asked my husband to record what the Apostle would say to me as he prayed for me. The Apostle didn’t pray for me for he said he would come back to me. I wanted to tell him about my son Anthony and see if he knew he was home.  As I looked around, I saw Anthony and he had been anointed with oil and prayed over.  He was standing over the way from me. After Apostle told me he would get to me later, I left to go see if I could find Anthony. I was asking others, “Where is my baby, I want to hug him”!  I woke up!

    I am not sure but I think it could be both soul and prophetic.  The part regarding my son could be a soul dream because I am always missing and thinking about him. He is incarcerated.  On the other hand, I was thinking this could be prophetic regarding the Apostle because of what was going on in the dream.  I was thinking that the 1st restroom could represent a jail cell for the Apostle because it had his things in it as f it was his personal restroom.  Maybe he is in some kind of trouble and is serving time for something.  While he is in serving, the Apostle is actually ministering and praying for inmates.  My son couldn’t be there because he is in prison. Regarding my son, this could be originating from the soul because I have hope that he is getting out soon to come home and be reunited with the family.

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    I had an aunt who passed away two years. She was very close to me and as time got closer to her death I kept fearing what the emotions were going to be like for me. Up to when she died I kept getting dreams that she was appearing  to me in the sky smiling waving bye bye. After she died, I kept getting dreams that she was appearing from the clouds and smiling but no words. I believe this dream was 2 fold. One from man’s soul as it was a fear and question about what is was going to be like for me when she died.  The second part of the dream after she passed I believe was spiritual because I continued to wonder if the prayer for remission of sins we did 5 months before her death saved her. I wondered if she had kept the faith, if I did my job, if she was resting peacefully after death. I believe that God was easing my mind with her appearance after death in the dream.

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    <p style=”margin: 0px; font-size: 17px; line-height: normal; font-family: ‘.SF UI Text’; color: #454545;”>It seemed like I had different dreams back to back because the scenes were unrelated. In first scene, my brother and his wife were celebrating 1st year anniversary. (As background, they just got married a few months ago.)  I saw them standing together and embracing each other several feet away from me.  I was among other people . . . Second scene, I was in what looked like the ocean on the same destination island of my brother’s wedding. It was a bright sunny day, the water looked blue-green and I was walking towards a cave with an unknown person who was right behind me.  I do not know if this person was he/she.  As we approached the cave a very long big, light colored, gray snake slithering out of the cave heading left of our direction (the snake did not come towards us).  Next scene, i am right at the entrance of the cave. The entrance was towards the right side as we approached it.  I remember saying with excitement that I did not see this (snake) the last time I was here.  Then I grabbed the snake by its head. We were about to kill it.  It was peaceful dream and i was not afraid to hold the snake at its head.  I noticed some big rocks laying around in front of where we were near the snake so I told the person with me to pick up the big one and drop it on the body. When he/she dropped it down, I looked at the snake yell out in pain as the guts spill out near the head.  Then I had him/her pick up another rock and drop it on its head. Then I awoke.</p>

    I believe that this was a prophetic dream that seemed like different dreams in one night of an event that might take place in near future involving deception/lies And being ready to fight spiritual battle.   To be able to see it coming and dismantle it before a major issue abrupts.  I believe it is prophetic because of the symbolism, colors/ vibrancy and clarity of the dream.

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    I appeared in the ocean (don’t know how I got there just seem like I opened my eyes in was swimming), I looked around and saw sharks swimming and immediately got scared. I started to look around to find a way of escape and noticed a big whale (resembles blue whale) right behind me (it’s like I knew he wouldn’t harm me). I swim over him and hide on the other side of him looking up at the sharks. Then I thought, I need to get to the surface because I’m going to run out of air and I wanted to get away from the sharks (even though I was breathing in the water).  I swim to the top of the whale where his air hole is and put my hand in it so he can go to the surface for air. It worked, he immediately started going up and I was able to see the light finally as we drew closer to the surface. Once up top he shot me up out of his hole unto land ( edge of the ocean). I turned and look to see the distance and it was pretty far. I then walked to this shack on the water, made from wood. Inside I saw a little trench along the wall in the house filled with baby gators and other things (don’t remember), but I remember a puppy fighting with the gators and thought the gators is going to get him. As I continued to walk, I saw some ants doing their thing and walked into the bedroom. The wood looked gray on the floor and I noticed the sheets was white. As I laid down I saw a white snake with a gold design with silver accents on its back and thought that’s a unique snake. It crawled up the bed and went under the sheets, I jumped out searching for it but didn’t see it and woke up.

    I was trying to find one of my dreams that fits the lesson. To me this dream seems to fall into all 3 categories: Man’s soul, Holy Spirit, and Dark due to all that’s present in the dream. I don’t quite understand it and have had different interpretations of it but it still sticks with me (its about a year old). I would love to hear your break down on it.

    • #38980


      Hi Angela, I know it’s been seven months since you posted your note, but I wanted to respond to your post:  your dream does seem prophetic to me.  There are biblical elements – water, the whale, being shot out of  the whale, and the snake.  I’m wondering if you ever got any assistance with this dream?  It seems that God is giving you a “heads up” about attacks – – not sure if it’s from people or spiritual attacks, but I believe He is saying “Don’t run from this.  I’ve called you to it.”  Have you been running from something challenging that the Lord has called you to?  The whale spit Jonah out as he came to accept that he was actually running from God.

      Blessings to you!


  • #38979


    In my dream, my aunt, who has been deceased for several years, gave my oldest son a yellow Volkswagen.  It was bright yellow and it seemed to be a Jetta.  I was secretly worried that my son would not like the car (mainly because of the color) and I didn’t want to hurt my aunt’s feelings.  However, I talked with my son later and he was very excited about the car.  He said it had lots of “power” and he was excited to drive it.  I was so happy and relieved that he liked the car and that the gift was appreciated.

    It seems as though some time passes (maybe a day) and I am in my upstairs childhood bedroom of my grandmother’s house (which was torn down more than 30 years ago).  I look out the window and I see the yellow car parked in the driveway and I am happy.

    I don’t think this is a soul dream, because I had not been thinking about my aunt recently.  My son lives across the country in Los Angeles and he has a car; though I know he would like a new car, we’ve not discussed his getting a new car for a very long time.  The bright yellow color was something that really stood out in the dream and neither I nor my son have ever had or desired that type of car.

    The fact that I’m back in my childhood home or that my deceased aunt brings this gift seems also significant, but I can’t imagine what it means.

  • #39885


    I had a dream that I went to my mom’s house (not the one she lives in) and found that it had two light blue doors.  I walked through the first one, then the second one. I walked to the sink and found that she had not washed dishes.  I didn’t wash them either.  Then I walked out and found her talking with her friends on the side of the road. I greeted them and walked to a hotel.  I asked for chicken and the waitress, who was a lady I went to college with, and her name means to come back, served me.  She asked me for Kshs 2200 even though I thought it should have cost Kshs 500.  I saw a former workmate who I was with but hadn’t realized that I was with her until the time I was paying for the chicken.  I secretly handed the money (Kshs 2200) to the waitress because I didn’t want my former workmate to know that I had paid that much for the chicken.

    I believe this dream was prophetic.  I had paid for some online courses which did not turn out very helpful and mom had given me the money. She still gave me some money (dirty dishes) and I didn’t do the dishes either, meaning I would repeat something I’d done with the money before (online course). In the hotel, I find a lady from college whose name means going back, confirming I was going to do the same thing, but she was selling chicken and I was very happy with it though I found it a bit expensive.  I had just landed my first contracted job since being laid off in 2016 – represented by my former workmate. I felt that paying for the prophetic dreamers’ course (the chicken) was too expensive compared to the money I’d earned.

    This dream showed me that I would struggle to make the decision to pay for the course because of past disappointments with online courses.  What I don’t understand is why Mom’s house had two light blue doors.

  • #40529


    I had a dream that my daughter was crying about “being in the red” and I felt guilty about it.

    She had paid some money out for me two days ago, which I hadn’t paid back yet, so this could be an example of a soulish dream – my conscience telling me that I needed to pay her that money.

    However, the next day, she had to put petrol in the car and didn’t have enough money. After sitting in the car and praying for an answer, she looked in her bank account and realised my sister had put some money in overnight to pay her for babysitting. God is so good!

    This made me suspect that the dream was not just from my mind, but a warning from God that she needed that money.

  • #40571


    I had a dream that I was taking care of hundreds of fish aquariums in a room. I went into the room and realized that I had forgotten to take care of the animals and fish in each aquarium. The water had almost entirely evaporated and the fish were all at the bottom sucking for air. I panicked and tried to save them all by adding water but the dream ended. These are repeated dreams for me, I have them over and over but they change a little each time. Sometimes it’s cats or dogs that I’m forgetting to take care of. I believe they are soul dreams and I think they come from my past when I would procrastinate things.

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