You have an Exceptional Gift

Prophetic Dreamer Badge EXCEPTIONALCongratulations!

You are a PROPHETIC DREAMER and your gift is not just significant. It is EXCEPTIONAL!

What does this mean?

1. The assessment shows that your dream-life holds definitive characteristics consistent with those who have this EXCEPTIONAL gift!

2. Additionally, the test shows that you have aN EXCEPTIONAL general prophetic gift as well!

It wasn’t easy to get a test score this high! Only a few get a test score this high and fall into this category.

The content, types, impressiveness, frequency, and style of your dreams expose the level of your gifting. Those who have EXCETIONAL gifting and stir up the Spirit become dreamers like you.

Your EXCEPTIONAL dream-life isn’t intended to be just a part of your life; it’s there for an even larger purpose. You’ve got something EXCEPTIONAL going on that can greatly benefit not only you, but others.

God is already moving mightily in your life and PROPHETIC MINISTRY or DREAM INTERPRETATION TEACHING MINISTRY should be part of it!

What does a EXCEPTIONAL GIFT look like?

As a prophetic dreamer, many of your dreams contain extraordinary and accurate insight about the past, present or future. Your spiritual hearing is keen, and you’re fortunate to be able to travel through life with a good deal divine illumination.

God speaks to all of us in many ways, but your EXCEPTIONAL GIFT means that God reaches out to you through dreams MUCH MUCH more than most! We’re confident that this isn’t news to you; you already know this and may even be aware that your dream life has increased after you began taking note of it and working on making sense of the riddles God sends you in dreams.

You have dreams which are intended to warn, encourage, motivate, inspire, or direct you— but because much of the information is encoded, you may not be making sense of it all.

Where do I go from here?

We know from this test that your spiritual gifting is operational and EXCEPTIONAL, and we hope you’re tapping into this and plugged into to a community where you can thrive and overflow.

We don’t believe you came to this site by accident because there’s more for you. The continued development and strengthening of your gifts could prove priceless as you walk life’s journey with more direction, confidence, and inner peace.

Your dream-life can bring needed clarification as to what’s going on within you, your workplace, and your relationships. This higher perspective can make all the difference. It can shed light on exactly how you can achieve the successes you’re looking for or avoid catastrophe. It can increase your everyday joy as well as your faith. It can provide comfort and help you stand in the tough times.

Here at The Dreamers Institute, we’ve dedicated nearly 20 years of our lives to studying dreams. We’ve seen by experience how dreams play out in real life, and learned from our mistakes.

Here is our recommendation:

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May 14, 2018

4 responses on "You have an Exceptional Gift"

  1. Well, until now I have kept this all to myself… I am not big on coming to the fore front. I love God and searched him out. In establishing our relationship he have given me many gifts… But he was always my only goal not ministry. I know he wants me within a governing body , I know I can be of good use somewhere, but I need a safe place to settle first, and people have told me I can’t be selfish with my gifts..but who’s to say? Ministry is great but I believe on being whole with oneself before trying to help or make others whole. How can a broken vessel teach another vessel how to hold water adequately? The blind can’t lead the blind or both will fall. However, I am older and much wiser now. I am ready to serve the part of me I’ve always tried to avoid “the prophectic”. Gifts are great but to whom much is given much is required. I am very delicate and I only seek to help. This stuff is great but sometimes it hurts knowing the truth. I am simple hearted and been through a load of stuff. Just help me to serve and hopefully I can be put to some good use. I used to be in ministry and the prophetic but sometimes it can be overbearing. I just want my father, I never asked for anything else. But here I am… If you are willing to receive then I am willing to give. Silver and gold have I none, but all that I have I give to you. Blessings , I will visit here from time to time.

  2. It was prophesied to me in 2015 that I was the Joseph of my family! It wasnt until last year that i really began to tap into my it and record dreams and try to decode the messages from God! I know that i am called to the office of an evangelist but i never really was crazy about the prophetic gift i have since everybody nowadays wants to be a prophet. The kind of relationship i have with our father i just wantes to simply be able to hear gods voice for myself! And when he started speaking i started listening and asking god to sharpen my ears….i wonder since we are dreamers does that make us seers when ministering i often get images as well …anyway thanks for confirming this gift! It has boosted confidence and faith that my spirir man is growing stronger in God

  3. Thank you so much for this insight unfortunately I can’t afford the book for now but I look forward to getting it. I am always looking for any opportunity to steward this gift and hopefully soon I would be able to get the book.

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