15 Keys to Interpretation for Prophetic Dreamers, Module 2— $19.95

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  1. confirms alot of questions i had regarding dreams


    Loved learning about the symbolic elements of dreams and my role as a dreamer. Rev Lynmarie is easy to understand and the good thing about technology is you can pause the lessons at anytime to write things down.

    Tanya NZ

  2. Module #2


    Another great module. A lot of information concerning elements in our dreams and learning how to discern if a dream is intrinsic or extrinsic and what that entails!
    Thanks so much, can’t wait to go on to module #3!

  3. module two


    This module is very informative… all in all it is a good module.

  4. 15 Keys to Interpretation for Prophetic Dreamers, Module 2


    I enjoyed the curriculum, not to long but packed with information. I’m looking forward to Module 3!!

  5. Absolutely awesome!


    While Module 1 is the pure milk of dream interpretation, Module 2 is the meat. Module 2 challenged me to think out of the box and helped me correctly interpret dreams that I had misinterpreted or dreams that I had no idea what God was talking about.

  6. Very Organized and Informative


    This is a very helpful aid to anyone who wants an organized way of learning to interpret dreams!

  7. loved it!!!


    i really appreciate the step by step introduction, the dream elements and how to know if a dream is about you or someone else which is key in effective dream interpretation.

  8. Great Course, Lots of Information


    This course goes much deeper into the dream categories and elements. It sets a foundation grounded in scripture, which I love.

  9. Great and new Insight!!!


    This is wonderful. A great step and addition to the first module. I really liked the part where Rev. Lyn broke the elements into 21 Categories. This is something that will be really helpful especially if you meet someone from a different culture or environment. It is a wonderful course. God bless you Rev Lyn.

  10. In depth


    I loved this course because it gave an in depth look at the ways things can be symbolic and really separated who the dreams are about and who they are not about

  11. A+ Teaching!


    I gained so much understanding working through Module 2. The teaching about all the different categories of dream elements was so thorough, and the explanation of the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic dreams was so clear. By sitting under Rev. Lyn, I feel that I am absorbing not just information, but also the “spirit” of interpreting dreams. I appreciate the class being broken down into these manageable chunks and am looking forward to advancing to the next module.

  12. Great practice!


    Really got great practice with identifying dream elements and beginning to interpret short dreams!

  13. 5

    This course provided a lot of insight towards interpreting dreams.

  14. Great course!


    This course is so solid and full of practical, important guidelines! The teaching on the differences between intrinsic and extrinsic dreams is so important.

  15. Very Blessed to Have Access to Course


    All of the courses build on each other. I count myself blessed to have connected with Rev. Lyn & Frank and their ministry. God orders our steps for sure. We never know how long the windows of opportunity will be open! So seize the season and dive in 🙂

  16. Insightful


    Great course with in-depth information. Was a bit more challenging for me than the previous module so I had to pay a bit extra attention, but well worth it.

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