Course Access

On occasion, a person will purchase a course and have difficulty accessing it.

Here are some ideas.

1) Be sure you are logged in.

2) Be sure you are logged in under the same username or email address that you purchased the course with.

3) Click the COURSES in the dashboard. You will see a page that looks like the one below.

Course Access 1

4) The MY COURSES page will open (see below image). Modules may not be in the order you expect. Scroll to the one you want.

Click the blue button for START COURSE, CONTINUE COURSE, or FINISHED COURSE to gain access.

Course Access My Courses 2

5) If you cannot open a Module, it may be because Modules 2, 3, and 4 require that you’ve completed the one prior.

If you still have difficulty, please email us via the footer link. We may need to give you a hand. © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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