Note from the Founders

Institute Logo - 40x100We’re excited you’ve found the institute! Not for our own sake, but for yours.

We hope you’ll benefit mightily from the courses we post over the next year and beyond.

Seems like we’ve been blindsided so many times, made so many mistakes, gone through so many trials and overcome so much that it just wouldn’t be right if others couldn’t learn from our triumphs and tragedies!

Our first course –15 Keys to Interpretation for Prophetic Dreamers– was born out of demand… time for us to stop interpreting your dreams and provide you a fast-track to understanding your own.

This course is 1 in a series of 12, but will provide you a significant foundation in making more sense of your dreams. Includes over 9 hours of video instructions, forums, and a certificate of satisfactory completion.

Other courses are already primarily written and are currently being converted to this online format, so stay connected.

May God richly bless you as we journey together!

Why The Dreamers Institute?

Institute Logo Icon 30x75Because of you.. you who find yourself wondering if your crazy dreams have any meaning? While your front lobe says the idea is loony, the back of your mind seems to intuitively know that the dream you suddenly awoke from last night carries some kind of a message. After all, it was so real. You can still replay it your mind. You can see the colors and hear the sounds even days, weeks, or months later.

We ask ourselves where dreams come from, why they’re so bizarre, and if they contain secrets that could be valuable. People from every millennium in every culture asked the same questions: Do dreams originate from the soul revealing hidden repressed feelings? Do they have spiritual supernatural origins? Do they contain heavenly messages? Do dark spiritual forces speak to us in the night?

As cultures become more intellectual and less superstitious, their beliefs concerning dreams shift as well. Many Christians today say that a dream from God is possible but rare, and would be identifiable by its straight forward style similar to the angelic visitation to the virgin Mary.

And yet, many today —regardless of religious affiliation— have discovered that at times their dreams have proven to provide them supernatural insight into a present situation or into the future. These dreams seem to give direction, understanding, or encouragement.

And that’s the reason for our community. We have personally experienced thousands of those unexplained and prophetic dreams. We have been provided strategic insight that when followed, made all the difference. We have misinterpreted or misapplied such dreams and found ourselves in trouble. And then repeated that same mistake too many times letting our hopes and desires cloud our understanding.

The Dreamers Institute is committed to helping you access this 4th dimension and apply it to your life. After all, what can be more valuable than gaining divine or strategic insight? Though many Christians argue that dreams are not prophetic, they’re the ones who haven’t searched out the hidden meaning of their dreams to notice that they coincide with their lives. These well-meaning folks haven’t experienced the satisfaction, the victories, the inner peace that can be provided through dreams.

For those bold enough to make the journey, we welcome you, but we publish a warning as well: interpreting and applying dreams, if handled improperly or incorrectly, can have disastrous results. It can damage relationships, cost you your job, or send you across the world where you will not prosper.

But, if handled properly, dreams can lead you to the right spouse, the right job, the right activity, the right home. Dreams can bring hope and comfort even in the most difficult situations. And best of all, they can encourage you to become the person you’re intended to be.

To get started on this journey, we suggest you take the course “15 Keys to Interpretation for Prophetic Dreamers” and then join the DREAMERS KEY FORUM to discuss dreams in this community.

Sweet Dreams!

The Founders

Rev. Dr. Frank & Rev. Dr. Lynmarie Burg

Dreaming from childhood, Rev. Frank and Rev. Lynmarie’s interest in understanding dreams intensified after an onslaught of them later in life brought revelatory life-changing insight into various situations.

Although Lyn acquired dream-related training and/or certifications from prophetic and dream interpretation schools, much of her expertise comes from devoting over 18 years to personal and online interpretation ministry investigating 5000 dreams and counting… logging, examining, decoding, categorizing, reviewing, and collecting feedback.

Survivor of a severe 15-month oppression, Frank’s understanding of depression and suicidal compulsion is extensive; and his spiritual optimism contagious. His inside-knowledge concerning spiritual battle has been a resource to many.

After a compelling deliverance experience, the couple began attending Shalom Bible College and Seminary, where they both eventually received Ministerial Ordination, Masters’ Degrees in Divinity, and Doctorates in Ministry.

The site founders are currently in ministry full-time and serve as Associate Ministers in an African-American Baptist church in the Denver area under Rev. Dr. Robin Holland as developers and leaders of a prophetic teaching ministry called Ignite Us.

Previously, they have served as lead pastors, chaplains, and counselors for an inner city outreach and church; utilized dream interpretation in street ministry; developed prophetic team ministry for a large interdenominational church; led dream interpretation workshops for children’s ministries; developed and directed a prophetic drama team; and served on gospel praise teams. Frank, recognized by the Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers International, was commissioned by the US Air Force Auxiliary and served as a Chaplain in the Civil Air Patrol.

Frank’s heart for those in need is demonstrated by his bachelor’s degree in sociology and years of advocacy on behalf of veterans, x-offenders, the homeless, and those in recovery. Prior to his pastoral ordination, Frank served six years on the Advisory Council to the Colorado Attorney General on Consumer Credit and owned several successful businesses. The son of a local musical celebrity, Frank is an accomplished jazz and gospel drummer; playing professionally since 1964.

Lyn —holding a bachelor’s degree in choral music education— served as a church choir/theater director in several churches; and while raising their children, coached performing arts privately, and taught in public school programs. They brag 5 remarkable children and 13 grandchildren including 2 sets of twins!

Founder's Testimony

Institute Logo Icon 30x75Over the last 15 years, we have logged, examined, decoded, categorized, and reviewed around 5000 dreams. Almost without exception, we either personally experienced the aftermath, watched family members live through the outcomes, or collected feedback from dreams received by friends and strangers alike.

Enjoy a list of a few abbreviated prophetic dream testimonies. Below are few examples demonstrating the supernatural prophetic potential of understanding your dreams:


• One day last January, when I was babysitting my 4-year-old granddaughter, she asked what I was doing. When I told her that I was writing down last night’s dream, she shared with me that she had just dreamed of a bunny hugging her. SWEET! I knew that meant that my daughter was or soon would be pregnant! What I forgot to factor in at the time was that bunnies symbolize multiplication, not addition. Of course! It was twins!

And to continue the twin story, I had advance notice through a dream the night before an emergency 7-week early delivery, that she would birth all would be alive and well for the political convention the next week.

I had repeated visions of a comet (years later, our first grandchild was named Hailey).

A best friend of one of our daughters dreamed that her coming baby would be heavy (Hailey was diagnosed at age three with Williams Syndrome).

A family dream revealed that our youngest daughter’s boyfriend should be received with open arms (this removed any skepticism since they were 2000 miles away, and we obeyed and welcomed him into the family). Additional prophesy and dreams indicated that she would suffer a sudden and massive loss and need healing concerning hope (just 1 month after we embraced the young man, he was instantaneously killed in a motorcycle accident).

A dream revealed that my father, who lived across the country, would have only precious moments left after his 88th birthday (I was by his side when he died 11 days following the celebration).

A dream revealed that only 1 of our 5 children would attend that birthday celebration (true, but regretful).

Within 24 hours of meeting a girl my son had just started dating, a dream revealed that he would marry her (he did).


A vision revealed that our oldest daughter’s career would be backstage (she became a talent agent).

A night vision revealed to me that music would later birth from a particular room in our home and would go international (years later, our youngest son, Taylor Franklyn, began playing piano without lessons and set up a studio in that room where he wrote and produced music. He has been signed by a record label, has released an album, and is known internationally).

Family dreams exposed literal floor-plan components of our next home– kitchen, sun-room, office, bathrooms, pool, stairs, etc., as well as details concerning the victory in obtaining it, its challenges, and its purpose (the series of dreams were accurate and provided us significant insight as we entered, lived in, and exited this home).

When were had a short time-frame to find our next home, dreams again showed us the way pointing to Sheridan Street, a lake, the edge of something, and a parade (the home is 4 blocks from the street, 1 block from a lake and a parade of thousands passes by it for an annual event at the lake).

A dream revealed that a Brian would enter my oldest son’s life (he found a job the next day and his boss was Brian).

A dream revealed that a later boss was a thief with a large bag of other’s wallets (the man was banned from doing business in multiple states by a Securities and Exchange Commission and a State Supreme Court).

A dream revealed that a particular real estate client was just spinning Frank around and wasting his time (no fruit came from that association).

A dream revealed specific business strategies concerning technology (Frank let go of old marketing methods and embraced today’s opportunities).

A dream revealed that a specific business plan would be delayed due to the need to untangle something (Frank remained patient as a series of technological problems delayed moving forward).

Family dreams and prophetic words revealed that income was being blocked due to naïve participation in well-witching on our mountain property, and that this would be loosed around Halloween (an article was written in the local newspaper, the curse was broken, a closing occurred the last week of October).

Dreams and prophetic words revealed that a season of chaos was coming in our business, that the Lord was going to orchestrate a complete wiping away in our lives, that we would be starting over, and that we would eventually prosper again (this season lasted years but was tolerable as we knew God was working out his purposes and will in our lives).


Prior to the 2000 US election hanging-chad controversy, I had an open vision that George W. Bush would take his place behind the Presidential podium (history tells the tale).

I dreamed of a fascinating woman named Sarah who was associated with an older, less fascinating brother (this was the night before Sarah Palin was announced as a running mate for John McCain).


Family dreams, prophesies, and manifestations have consistently provided insight into the spiritual attacks and battles that we were or would be engaged in on behalf od ourselves, family, and others. We’ve received a myriad of messages in dreams (too many to even begin noting here). To summarize, God uses analogies such as– boarding up our house from bad men, skin blown off the enemy to reveal Satan himself, gaping wounds, space travel, black tornadoes, giant flies and bees, a black panther, snakes, bombs, teeth falling out, police, judges, terrifying car or airplane rides, etc. These all proved to be accurate messages, but not always with the best outcome since we are still growing in recognizing the applications of these prophesies, avoiding the traps, proceeding prayerfully, and remaining under God’s protection through humility, faith, and obedience. God has also been faithful to provide needed rebuke and correction of wrong attitudes and choices.


A married daughter, when visiting our home, dreamed she was boarding a school bus (she and her husband shortly became youth leaders in).

I dreamed that a church where Frank and I served as board members was actually a den of thieves (we later discovered a pattern of embezzlement by the treasurer).

I dreamed that my pastor’s wife ushered me before a man before I realized I was half naked (a traveling prophet came the next service and picked me out of the congregation to accurately prophesy over).

A dream revealed that we were called to join a church associated with a locomotive going the right direction, and that this church would be found through the computer (a drumming ad on Craigslist drew us to an African-American church where were enjoyed serving on the praise team, taught Sunday school, and started a dream team. Their web site turned out to utilize a locomotive as a logo).

While directing an improvisation drama ministry, I was led one Sunday morning to produce a “Laundry Room Decision” (after we performed, the pastor began reading the passage he had selected for his sermon, “Come let us reason together, though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow.” Isaiah 1:18, the same verse we used in the improvisation).

I dreamed that a co-pastor’s plans were not of God and that God would not prosper him. Later I dreamed that God would be pulling down the pants of the senior pastor in the same church (we left the church as did God’s blessing, and 4 months later it suddenly shut down).

A dream depicting a pastor as a midwife led us to a church where our leadership was welcomed. After 16 months of teaching a class on the prophetic, two dreams confirmed the spirit beneath the church- that of a pig in sheep’s clothing! Yikes, out of there!

Talk About the Founders

Institute Logo Icon 30x75“I want to honor and appreciate Frank and Lyn. The debut of the prophetic team ministry at the church was spectacular– beyond anything we could have hoped for. This would have never happened without their faithful leadership.

I have watched them, over the course of the last year, pour themselves into this ministry. They sacrificed, held strong, and displayed humble, godly leadership as they remained faithful to God’s calling in their lives… giving tirelessly of their time and energy. I’ve watched their personal ministry change lives.”
–Karla Johnson, African-American Liaison, Denver Seminary

Frank and Lyn. What words can I use? Genuine, compassionate, perceptive, gifted, leaders. They are a major threat to the kingdom of darkness and will do much to expand the Kingdom of Light. It’s been an honor to work with them through the Seminary.
— Dr. Kay Krattli, Shalom Bible College & Seminary, Golden Glory Seminary

“Lyn’s prophetic drama ministry here is incredible and one of a kind! Frank and Lyn are an invaluable leaders in our worship team; and And everyone really enjoys her teaching style in adult Sunday School.”
–Pastor Lawrence Connelly, Exodus Christian Center, Denver, CO

“Thanks for a well-planned, well-led, well-executed evening of ministry. What a wonderful gift you are to our church family. I love serving Denver with you all…You guys are the ideal couple to handle this controversial aspect of the faith. Your non-charismatic backgrounds bring sensitivity to the perspectives of those coming from the mainstream or evangelical community. You adhere to the scriptures and lead with balance. Thank you for your faithfulness to me and the church.”
–Rob Brendle, Sr. Pastor, Denver United Church, Denver, CO

“Frank and Lyn did a great job training the team and facilitating ministry on Sunday night. Thanks again guys! Thanks Lyn and Frank for your faithful leadership. We pray that rich fruit comes forth in every area. Thanks also for continuing to be available in ministry. We appreciate all you do. God Bless you guys.”
–Justin Spicer, Executive Pastor of Ministries, Denver United Church, CO

Frank and Lyn completed my prophetic training program and ministered with us another year. They have been invaluable to the team and I highly recommend them.
— Jackie Jacobson, Led By the Spirit Ministry School Director, Denver, CO

“Known them since the early 1980’s when they ministered at my church and then my mother’s church. Good people.”
–Dr. Gordan England, Calvary Evangelical Free Sr. Pastor & Promise Keepers Staff, Broomfield, CO

“My loss is your gain!”
–Pastor Bob Kleinschmidt, First Baptist Church Senior Pastor, Lemon Grove, CA

“Lyn is one of the most talented people I know. We have utilized her to lead choirs and ensembles, to choreograph, and as a theatrical mentor. “
–Worship Pastor Jay Owens, Applewood Baptist Church, Wheat Ridge, CO

“Signs and Wonders will follow you.”- prophetic words
–Pastor Rich Harris, Golden Eagle Ministry School, Living Word Ministries Intl., Golden, CO

“Signs and Wonders will follow you.”- prophetic words
–Dr. Derek Kuhn, Sr. Pastor, Grace Covenant Worship Center, Chicago, IL

“You both have a strong and balanced 5-fold gifting, highly unusual… Don’t be discouraged with your multicultural calling. God will be using you greatly.”- prophetic words
–Doug Addison, Author/InLight Connection International Ministry, CA

“It’s all going to work out…You have sown your seeds… You will be ministering internationally.”- prophetic words
–Tim Storey, International Evangelist/Minister to Celebrities, Whittier, CA

“God will bring healing to you and through you. Lyn, I pray that God would grant you the time to carry out all those ideas.”- prophetic words
–Dr. Joelle Suel, Glory to Glory Christian Center, Aurora, CO


Please direct emails to lyn@thedreamersinstitute.com

July 24, 2018

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